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Metal Model Kits

10 Best DIY Model Kit Unique Ideas For Christmas

Bengal Tiger 3D Metal Assembly Model Kits, 700+ Pieces Create an Animal Series.

The mechanical Bengal tiger is a fantastic hand and spatial awareness workout because of its complexity. As you piece things together, you are also learning about the various life forms that reside in the mechanical world and the knowledge and civilization that predate the mechanical world. The giant tiger in the world and the first endangered species that comes to mind, the Bengal tiger, is the model for the product.

 Protecting the environment is not a luxury; it is a necessity for all of us. We also wanted to keep this in mind when we designed this product. The mechanical tiger, made of many colored-plating metal parts for chromatic hue, is illuminated by red and blue light bulbs that resemble two armored assault cannon barrels on the shoulders. Its tipped tail suggests that it is always ready to attack the enemy.

800 Pcs 3D Metal Model Kit For A DIY Dragon's Claw With Colorful Lights

The metal craft kit is practical and fascinating; it looks great. Beautiful gifts for Father's Day, Christmas, birthdays, and the start of the school year. A unique handcrafted metal object for your desk, bookshelf, or nightstand.

It is a toy that is both educational and stress-relieving. Build 3D metal puzzles and sculptures with your family and friends to pass the time and let your stress from the job go. Building blocks will support and enhance our capacity to focus, solve problems, and reason visually and spatially.

Metal Model Kit 3D Recon Mechanical Beetle Gift

Things that surpass the bounds of your most intense imaginations and wants. Here, we turn nature's wonder, beauty, and otherworldliness into mechanical marvels that spring to life at the touch of a switch, all for the love of creation and your amusement. Nature was right when she asserted that all living things require a distinct personality. Something unique and unusual.

With a single click, discover new life forms, honor natural science with mechanical beauty, and enable the beetle's flying mode. Simulated metal membrane wings are shielded on both sides by rigid wings.

The fuselage houses a small planetary engine, an LED light source module, and a powerful stream of power. The top detecting light can be used to comprehend the warfare conditions by coordinating with the radar.

3D Metal 1300PCS DIY Ancient Mythical Beasts Chinese Dragon Model Kit

The shape of this computer-generated dragon appears realistic. Excellent craftsmanship and detail. It operates Wonderful trinkets, desk decorations, and party favors—a wonderful gift for an animal enthusiast.

The metal craft kit is interesting, valuable, and has a beautiful appearance. Fantastic gifts for Father's Day, Christmas, birthdays, and the start of the school year. A unique handcrafted metal object for your desk, bookshelf, or nightstand.

Difficult Model Kits In 1350+ PCS Tyrannosaurus Rex Model Kit In 3D Mechanical Form 

The enormous dinosaur model in the steampunk style is made of high-quality metal. When assembling, carefully cut sturdy food-grade copper, stainless steel, and aluminum to avoid injury. Constructing this model develops reasoning, problem-solving skills, creativity, and manual dexterity.

Perfect as a family activity or as a lovely gift for special occasions. It's also an excellent option for collectibles—elegant accents for offices, living rooms, and bedrooms, among other spaces.

Incredible Details One of the mechanical weapons designed for the Tyrannosaurus is the laser-red eyes, and the model also features prominent heterodont teeth that can crush a prey's head in two, as well as a large, powerful tail that can effectively pat the victim for damage. The immersive delight of the model is enhanced by its many changeable joints. These slender and small arms contrast with their massive and robust legs, a modified venom syringe tail end that can be used to inject venom into their victim, and extra parts for exploration.

3D Assembly Tech 300+ Adult Items Mini Inline Car Engine Model Toys 

This engine's mechanical system is exceptionally well-presented; the transmission process is easily understood, and it beautifully exemplifies the strength and logic of mechanical design.

The product has an incredibly artistic appearance because it is constructed of metal, precisely cast using CNC technology, and colored with aluminum alloy oxidation.

Every product has an autonomous, distinct structure and function that you may update, integrate, or alter to create your power system. It makes a lovely birthday, Christmas, or other holiday gift for your friends, kids, coworkers, or relatives.

DIY War Scorpion Puzzle 3D Mechanical Assembly Model

Screwing can be used to construct high-quality metal models that are laser-cut with extreme precision and composed of superior materials, as opposed to gluing as instructed by the assembly blueprint. To create a unique sculpture, you can assemble the trench shape or make other shapes using your existing materials.

Enabling the children to assemble this product allows them to express their creativity and practical abilities while enjoying the construction process.

Assembly Bluetooth Speaker 2-in-1 Mechanical Tarantula Scorpion 3D Puzzle Model

It can be assembled to resemble a battle scorpion or a tarantula. Although you can't combine two shapes simultaneously in either of the two methods, you can use the pieces you already have to DIY other shapes to create a unique creation.

The mechanical tarantula features movable joints and a built-in 1800mah lithium battery-powered bass speaker on its abdomen. It can play music by connecting it to a phone via Bluetooth or by entering a TF memory card.

This challenging problem can be solved in a few hours in sections, and each piece needs to be carefully and patiently assembled. It's straightforward to assemble using the included screws and instructions; no glue or batteries are required! It's a fun and easy project!

Hardcover Notebook With Feather Pen Kit, A DIY Seal Kit, And A Gift Box In The Style Of Steampunk

It's such a practical present because of its sturdy front and back covers, which double as a writing surface and a layer of protection for the paper! It is also ideal for presenting because it is handcrafted with carefully chosen, high-quality leather and brass, hand-stitched binding, and precise processing.

Many patterns have been used to recreate the classic steampunk aesthetic painstakingly. If you carry a notepad in a Steampunk style, you stand out.

2100PCS Steampunk Seahorse Puzzle 3D DIY Model Kit with Planet Lights

The seahorse emerges from its hiding place as the sun begins to shine on the water, swimming slowly and gracefully as it begins the lovely part of the day.

A head resembling a horse, fins similar to fish (albeit only the dorsal and pectoral fins are more developed), a tail used for grabbing objects like monkeys, and—perhaps most unusual of all—a kangaroo-like pouch are some of the morphological similarities shared by all seahorses. These seahorses can all be thought of as unusual aquatic animals.

The seahorse's enchanted form gives them an enigmatic hue, and stories about them surface in the cultures of many nations across the globe.

The hippocampal tissue has a lifespan of five or perhaps ten years, with the longevity increasing with individual size.

The only fish with a neck is the seahorse, whose head can be turned back to a 90-degree angle.

The world's only upright swimming fish is the seahorse, which swims like no other.

Model: 10250
1000+PCS 3D DIY Cobra Snake Metal Model KitsFeatures:Realistic Design: This highly intricate pattern mimics a snake in real life. Every skillfully designed feature, including the flexible joints and scale-like body, contributes to the realistic and alluring snake-like appearance.Sturdy Metal Structu..
$126.99 $126.99
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Model: 10056
100PCS+ Metal Rhythm Kinetic Jellyfish Model Building Kits with Glass CoverFeatures:It uses premium-grade metal components that have been CNC-cut for a magnificent metallic sheen and texture in the light.Metallic Rhythm: The model depicts the movement of soft jellyfish with hard metal underwater by ..
$439.99 $439.99
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Model: 10051
1060PCS Steampunk Mechanical Octopus Metal Model Kits with Jupiter Moon LampFeatures:.Recyclable Metal Materials: The excellent mechanical octopus model is made of high-quality metal components (stainless steel, iron, and copper), and it has an ingenious combination design built with recyclable and ..
$83.99 $83.99
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Model: metal-fuel-tank-for-gas-powered-rc-car-methanol-gasoline-engine-
140ML/185ML DIY Handmade Model Accessory Metal Fuel Tank with Oil Level Display for RC Gas Powered Model Car / Modification of Methanol Gasoline Engine ModelFeatures:.A compact metal fuel tank featuring an OK oil level indicator, suitable for methanol engines, petrol engine modifications, ships, and..
$27.99 $27.99
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Model: 10139
150PCS Steampunk 3D Butterfly Model Assembly Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly 2 Another Alternate Pair Of Wings Are Given For FreeFeatures:A distinct steampunk aesthetic, precise perfection, and attention to detail. The insects and other animals created from discarded auto parts are like fantasti..
$49.99 $49.99
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Model: 10252
200Pcs+ Christmas Golden Elk Model Metal Model Kits for AdultsFeatures:This year's Christmas elk group, the four golden elks, will provide joy to all the children..Once put together, it makes a lovely ornament and collection and can be given to your friends and kids as a Christmas gift..There are 20..
$36.99 $36.99
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Model: 10028
Product details203PCS DIY Mini 3D Metal Spider Beast with Led Light Model Building Kit ToysFeatures:Creative Design: The model's rich color details give it a distinctive and eye-catching appearance, drawing inspiration from the traits of the arthropod spider.Superior Material: Constructed with robus..
$66.99 $66.99
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Model: 2pcs-set-steampunk-brass-pumpkin-spider-scarecrow-3d-metal-model
2pcs/set Steampunk Brass Pumpkin Spider Scarecrow 3D Metal Model Kits for HalloweenFeatures:.Unique Appearance: This model, cleverly altered to include a yellow pumpkin head and based on the highly deadly sac spider, stands out for its unique Halloween look..Versatile Decoration: A fantastic decorat..
$33.99 $33.99
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3d metal mantis insect puzzle diy model assembly building kit 3d metal mantis insect puzzle diy model assembly building kit
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Model: 10276
3D Metal Mantis Insect Puzzle DIY Model Assembly Building KitFeatures:Made of high-quality metal materials, laser-cut ultra-precision high-quality metal modelsYou don't need glue when assembling; connect by screw and follow the assembly drawing.Unique details and an excellent DIY experience; it can ..
$89.99 $89.99
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Model: 10138
3D Metal Puzzle Scorpion DIY Model Kit Detachable 3D Jigsaw PuzzlesFeatures:High-quality material: High-quality laser cutting technology with premium stainless steel to create long-lasting, durable products. 5.51" x 6.29" x 6.29" inches is the finished size.DIY model kits: The product must..
$86.99 $86.99
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Model: 10032
3D Stainless Steel Insects Puzzle Model Kit DIY Sound Control Mechanical Wasp Assembly Jigsaw CraftsFeatures:High-quality metal materials are used to create ultra-precision models that the assembly blueprint can screw together.It can be put together using mechanical wasp forms. Wings and tail pins c..
$149.99 $149.99
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Model: 3d-steampunk-fantasy-spaceship-wooden-puzzle-toy-model-300-pcs
3D Steampunk Ancient Greek Fantasy Spaceship Wooden Puzzle Toy Model 300+PCSFeatures:Inspired by the folk song, the fantasy ship kit is made of environmentally friendly bamboo, has a physical mortise and tenon structure, and is simple and safe to play. Embark on a trip of Victorian and steampunk fan..
$29.99 $29.99
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