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Inline 4 Engine Model Kits

Why Does Toyan Make an FS-L400G Inline Four Engine Kit This Year?

Two-stroke engines used to be the industry standard in the field of model internal combustion engines. Their small size, low weight, and flexibility make them useful in many applications, including RC aircraft models, helicopters, vehicle models, and other industries.

Nevertheless, there are a few inherent disadvantages with two-stroke engines, including excessive fuel consumption, noisy operation, inadequate lubrication, and contamination of the environment. These drawbacks compel us to search for better options. I decided to focus my professional life on four-stroke engine building twenty years ago as a hobbyist who had a love for model building.

Four-stroke engines improve sustainability, fuel efficiency, and reduce noise and pollution compared to two-stroke engines. Their enhanced lubrication system lowers wear and internal friction by isolating gasoline from lubricant.


In the past, we have introduced several outstanding engine types, including V8, twin-cylinder, and single-cylinder versions. However, when I first introduced an inline four-cylinder engine two years ago, there were design defects that caused some users to experience crankshaft breakage issues. The negative repercussions of that event had a significant negative influence on our brand, even though I later updated the design to prevent this issue.

Once more, I want to apologize to our brand's devoted customers. These difficulties and setbacks strengthened my will to go forward and helped me to understand that creating engines demands a higher level of caution. These disappointments drove me to further research, hone, and polish the inline four-cylinder engine.


When I began making engine models, I wanted to share this technology with engine enthusiasts around the world for fun. The inline four-cylinder engine model is our best-selling item. It continues to sell well despite the addition of over a dozen other engine options. This is due to its strong performance as well as its attractive design.

We have received responses from individuals posing questions such as "Why is the Toyon engine so expensive?" "Is this engine truly worth the price?", "I like your brand but can't afford it," and "I want to possess an engine model as a student but could not pay for it. I therefore decided to develop a kit version of an inexpensive inline four-cylinder engine model after that.


I'm finally here, having worked so hard and taken so many tests over the past year!


The inline four-cylinder engine is ideal for 1:5 or 1:8 tiny remote-control car applications because of its straightforward, compact design and superb balance. We can give the small model world more potent and effective power solutions if we keep refining this concept.


Second, the inline four-cylinder engine of the FS-L400G type can utilize gasoline or methanol. We will test two different ignition schemes for gasoline: the distributor ignition scheme and the CDI ignition scheme. This means influential and dependable ignition control can be achieved with just four ignition heads and a single-cylinder CDI. The engine's design allows it to run steadily in a variety of operational environments.

Using a belt-driven system improves reliability and performance. 3D printing technology can create exhaust pipes that are precisely designed to increase exhaust flow and improve engine efficiency.

It is important to note that we fully revamped the crankshaft construction and chose titanium steel as the crankshaft material to allay everyone's fears. Its current resilience is remarkable.

We also fitted a shaft-diameter support sleeve to prevent the crankshaft from breaking under high loads. To guarantee the engine's dependability and quality. This design aims to reduce the size while maintaining enough stability and support to guarantee engine dependability.

I know how much your belief in this inline four-cylinder engine and your support means to me. I intend to undertake a few significant actions as a token of my thanks.


Initially, I aim to keep this engine exceptionally reasonably priced so that more model specialists can get it and take advantage of its outstanding performance.

You can also keep this engine in parts to admire its beauty. You can then put it together on your own for a more enjoyable experience.

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