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Steam Engine Kit

Model Steam Engine

A model steam engine is a small steam engine made for adults who enjoy live steam. It can also be used as a toy for kids. Another name for it is a toy steam engine. Demonstration models, often created and constructed by students as part of their curriculum, were often used at universities and engineering schools during the 18th and early 20th centuries.

The small steam engine is versatile and can be used for various purposes. It is great for science projects and learning about physics and mechanics.

Teachers can use it for demonstrations in the classroom. Additionally, it can also be given as a birthday gift to friends, families, and children. Numerous clients come from our school, our colleagues, etc. 

Model: 10111
Build a Realistic Miniature Live Steam Train Locomotive That Runs with Railway TrackFeatures:Live Steam Locomotive Model Train Engine 1:87 Ho Scale with Steam Engine Boiler Fuel Tank TrackBoiling water in a boiler produces live steam, which is steam under pressure. Equipment that is moving or statio..
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Model: 10070
ENJOMOR Assembly Vertical Hero's Steam Engine Model with Boiler DIY KITFeatures:DIY Fun: The steam engine comes in the shape of an assembly kit with about 40 different types of parts. You'll begin a challenging project to build a new steam engine with clear pictorial instructions, a great assem..
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Model: 10041
Complete Metal Retro Style Engine Steam Engine Model with Boiler Alcohol & Lamp Kit K-005Features:The entire apparatus is constructed from brass and aluminum alloy and features CNC cutting and polishing, oxidation of the frosted hue, and permanent color changing.Superior processing technology re..
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Model: 10251
Glass Air Cylinder Sleeve & O-Sealing Rings Suitable for Vertical Steam Engine Model with Spherical Boiler KitSpecifications:. Material: Glass. Product Weight: 20g. Package Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 6cm. Package Weight: 35g. Packing: Bag  ..
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Model: 10231
Solar Energy Low Temperature Stirling Engine DIY All-metal Stem Steam Model Set Features:Completely fresh and of excellent qualityThe bracket is composed of an aluminum alloy.The bracket is constructed from a circular aluminum alloy column with an arc shape, and the cylinder and piston piston links..
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Model: 10248
Steam Engine Model All-metal Horizontal Single Cylinder DIY Stem Model Kit Features: AUTHENTIC STYLING -- This is a little, hot, live steam engine. Vertical modeling, a dignified retro design, and superb craftsmanship. It can function generally by heating the little boiler. It is a refined workman..
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Model: 10146
Mini Pure Copper Single Cylinder Steam Engine Model Toy Creative Gift Set AUTHENTIC STYLING -- This is a little, hot, live steam engine. Vertical modeling, a dignified retro design, and superb craftsmanship. It can function normally by heating the little boiler. It is a fine workmanship that people..
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Model: 10237
Mini V-shape Pure Copper Double Cylinder Steam Engine Model Toy Creative GiftFeatures:Completely fresh and of excellent qualityIt's a beautiful and innovative style. It's a perfect craft.The product is high-quality and composed entirely of copper.The product's surface is beautifully constructed and ..
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Model: 10154
Model Steam Boiler kit 200ml for Steam Engines Model Steam Boats Features:Fully Equipped: The complex steam boiler type has exceptional appearance and dependable performance. It is outfitted with an automatic gas regulator, a pressure gauge, a main valve, a water level meter, a waste water tank..
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Model: 10111
Features:.Origin of the story:The steam car was invented in 1928 when the French began using a Quar steam traction automobile.The steam automobile and internal combustion engine car's current competition has already been decided. The age of the internal combustion engine is predicted to be one of tr..
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Model: 10193
Steam Engine Generator with Radio & Lighting Kit Science Experiment Toy Features:Package: Radio, rectifier board, lighting, alcohol lamp, boiler rack, steam engine, generator, and boiler. This kit will allow you to create a brand-new science experiment.Functional: A generator turns on the lights..
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steam engine model electric generator science experiment lighting kit steam engine model electric generator science experiment lighting kit
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Model: 10043
Steam Engine Model Electric Generator Science Experiment Lighting KitFeatures:Steam engine, boiler, syringe, alcohol lamp, and one 10v 3w bulb are all included in the accessories.Steam engines are more functional and maneuverable than stirling engines.Steam engines employ continuously expanding stea..
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