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Turbofan Engine Kits

Have you ever wanted to construct an accurate turbofan engine in the convenience of your own house? Or are you still unsure what to get your pal, the aeronautical engineer?

Building an airplane engine requires advanced skills and money. Building an airplane engine requires advanced skills and money. However, we will show you three model toys that are cheap and easy to assemble.

These toys are suitable for those who don't have much money or technical knowledge. These three products can quickly fulfill your needs, whether you're into exploring, collecting, or just looking for exciting desktop decorations. You don't need to have any specialized understanding of aviation.

WS-15 Turbofan Frighter Engine Model DIY Kits

This 3D-printed model of a WS-15 turbofan engine helps you improve your skills and understand how a turbofan engine is assembled. After assembly, the electric module lets you feel like an aircraft engineer by allowing you to witness a turbofan engine in action. It delves deeply into technology and offers unique aviation toys and do-it-yourself gifts for pilots.

  • Assembly Difficulty: Moderate difficulty, but fear not—detailed assembly instructions appropriate for novices are included.
  • Availability: It is in stock, so waiting is unnecessary.
  • Design Features: Beautifully shown in a highly realistic manner, highlighting the distinctive external and internal design of the WS-15 fighter jet engine.
  • Suitable for: All ages, ideal for those interested in turbine engine technology.


DIY Assembly Trent 900 Turbofan Engine Model Kits

This jet engine model is great for young airplane mechanics as a gift. It runs on electricity and can spin automatically, just like a real turbine engine. It gives your study or workstation a tech-savvy feel in addition to being attractive.

  • Assembly Difficulty: Assembly is straightforward and can be quickly completed.
  • Design Features: This model has a unique and tech-inspired design.
  • Availability: Currently out of stock, but take advantage of the chance when it's restocked.
  • Suitable for: Those interested in turbine engine technology and tech enthusiasts looking for desktop decorations.


Mechanical Dual-Spool Turbofan Engine Model Kits

The Metal Model Kits for the Mechanical Turbofan Engine are of the highest caliber. Assembly may be time-consuming, but once finished, you'll have a luxury aircraft and a deeper understanding of turbofan engine construction.

Once you finish putting it together, you'll have a high-end luxury aircraft. You will also gain a better understanding of how turbofan engines are constructed. This model will exceed your expectations and make you proud, whether you're an aircraft mechanic or a collector.

  • Design Features: This model of turbine fan engine is made entirely of metal, and it has a low noise level, beautiful design, artistic appeal, and careful construction, all while maintaining stability and longevity.
  • Assembly Difficulty: There can be some difficulties during assembly, but don't worry—the thorough instruction booklet will be your capable guide. This product is elevated to the status of a collector's jewel in addition to a masterwork of craftsmanship through the satisfying and demanding construction procedure.
  • Suitable for Collectors, expert aviation maintenance specialists, and players with premium model standards.


These three turbine fan engine models have unique features to meet customers' demands. The WS-15 model is the best option if you're an aircraft mechanic interested in discovering the excitement of engine development. The Trent 900 model is a beautiful piece of technology that provides attractive ornamentation for those seeking stylish pieces.

The DM119 Mechanical Turbofan Engine Model is a top-notch gift for aviation technicians who don't mind splurging. It's perfect for Christmas presents because of its outstanding quality and value. It is a great choice for Christmas gifts due to its exceptional quality and value. These three models will provide infinite happiness and contentment, regardless of your hobbies and financial situation.

Happy Christmas to all of you, and have a safe journey. 

Model: 10079
3D Printed Aero Engine Model Turbofan Engine Model DIY Stem Engine Toy - Ordinary Static TypeFeatures:Realistic details, exquisite aviation turbine engine shapeThe revealed inner shape, created using premium materials from 3D printers, makes seeing the aero engine's internal structure more straightf..
$28.99 $28.99
Ex Tax:$28.99
Model: 10011
Building a 1/20 Working Jet Turbofan Engine Model Kit SilverFeatures:.This moveable model is a turbofan engine for an aircraft based on the original TR900 engine from the Airbus A380.Enables observation of the turbofan engine's operating mode through observable external components. This model has a ..
$216.99 $216.99
Ex Tax:$216.99
Model: 10206
ENJOMOR Gamma Hot Air Stirling Engine Helicopter with Base DIY Model Kit StemFeatures:.It is a stunning helicopter propelled by a gamma Stirling engine. Although it cannot fly, the spinister will spin as though it is about to take off when the alcohol lamp is lit.CAD modeling and CNC elaborated craf..
$199.99 $199.99
Ex Tax:$199.99
Model: 10058
ENJOMOR Metal Stirling Engine Biplane Model Building SetFeatures:Driven by a nose-shaped Stirling engine, the aircraft is a fixed two-plane design. Although it won't fly, the propeller will spin as if it were prepared for takeoff when the alcohol lamp is lit.CNC precision manufacturing using CAD des..
$126.99 $126.99
Ex Tax:$126.99
Model: 10137
ENJOMOR γ-shape Metal Hot-air Stirling Engine Powered Engine Mini Helicopter Model Building KitFeatures:Stirling aircraft: This stunning aircraft is propelled by a Stirling engine in the shape of a. Although it won't fly, the propeller will start to spin when the alcohol lamp is lit.Excellent M..
$169.99 $169.99
Ex Tax:$169.99
Model: goosky-legend-rs4-venom-2-4g-3d-electric-brushless-rc-helicopter
Goosky Legend RS4 Venom 2.4G 3D Electric Brushless RC Helicopter Model Aircraft Model - KIT VersionFeatures:Innovation: The GOOSKY R&D team created the high-performance RS4 VENOM specifically for RC helicopter enthusiasts. It was equipped with a new power system, a high-performance motor, a..
$499.99 $499.99
Ex Tax:$499.99
jet aircraft turbofan engine kits stem plastic hobby 1/20 scale model jet aircraft turbofan engine kits stem plastic hobby 1/20 scale model
-13 %
Model: 10069
Jet Aircraft Turbofan Engine Kits STEM Plastic Hobby 1/20 Scale ModelFeatures:.The translucent turbofan engine model, which is based on the TR900 engine of the Airbus A380, was created from genuine production drawings..The visible shell components let you observe how the turbofan engine operates as ..
$200.09 $229.99
Ex Tax:$200.09
Model: 10044
Single Cylinder Sterling Engine Model with 3-Blade Fan Science Experiment Stem ToyFeatures:.Exquisite Furnishing Model: This Stirling engine model is quite good. Flywheels are replaced with propeller blades, which is more innovative. On your desktop, it will be a fantastic technological toy..Excelle..
$39.99 $39.99
Ex Tax:$39.99
Model: 10043
Smithsonian Electric Jet-Works DIY Turbofan Engine Model STEM Kit Steam Pysical Science ToyFeatures:Build your own aviation turbojet engine from a variety of pieces for an unmatched challenge and sense of accomplishment..You can regulate the thrust and turbine speed after assembly. Batteries power t..
$119.99 $119.99
Ex Tax:$119.99
Model: 10044
Vacuum Stirling Engine Generator Model Helicopter Design Stirling Engine Motor Kit Science Metal Toy Features:Horizontal single-cylinder vacuum with novel design The Stirling structure's overall shape, complete with armament racks and rocket launchers, is inspired by armed helicopters. Air cooling ..
$109.99 $109.99
Ex Tax:$109.99
Model: 10103
Stirling Engine Model Transport Helicopter Design Model Science Metal Stirling Engine School Educational Equipment Supply Description:Transport Helicopter Design Physical Discovery Kits with Stirling Engine Motor Power GeneratorWorking Theory: the heat power from a burning alcohol lamp causes the g..
$92.99 $92.99
Ex Tax:$92.99
Model: 10244
Features:HighlightsKits for operating turbofan jet engines run a little over $200.A stylish desktop model that functionsRequires an air pump to start and run on kerosene or regular fuel.generates significant sound and heat but not much pushIt is pretty simple to assemble, with little guidance.Click ..
$239.99 $239.99
Ex Tax:$239.99
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