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Cison Engine Model

The model engine market in China has been growing quickly for the past five years. The Diyenginemodel team has been able to benefit from this trend. Products are available, and new competitors are constantly entering the market.

How can we help and maintain our position as industry leaders? One big problem we have now is when one supplier copies ideas from many others for innovation.

After much consideration, we have made significant improvements to the design of this year's new items. So, we chose to work on this new product in secret while collaborating with suppliers during the development stage."

During the early stages of research and development, the team shared only limited information. The prototype cost 5W+. We have now set up and prepared everything for publication.

These two engines will launch simultaneously with distinct structural designs at the end of October. To the maximum extent possible, the design concept will recreate the appearance of the actual engine.

The term "prototype" refers to the traditional small block series. This series has been a part of American V8 engine history for a long time. Regardless of design restoration, this is also the best model engine in China (not overseas for now). We carry out the manufacturing process and quality control with the highest integrity.

Flathead version V8

Overhead version V8

Highlighted features:

The Ohv version restores traditional colors with fine electrophoretic paint.

Wear-resistant, high-angle, and hardened cam

Make the intake valve bigger (in comparison to the exhaust valve).

Support the camshaft with five points to prepare for valve springs with a high hardness.

The lubrication system for an OHV engine has several components. These include the crankshaft, connecting rod, piston, oil pump, splash lubrication cam, rocker arm, and oil pan with dipstick.

Crankshaft with five entirely supported points

Strong, resilient, and toughened connecting rod

Two piston rings made of cast iron (oil rings optional)

The distributor (high-performance cdi frequency 42000) is the ignition mechanism.

Installation location of the oil filter element in the cylinder block

OHV variant optional four-hole carburetor

optional generator

The low-temperature intake pipe maintains consistent engine output. Prevent the intake manifold from becoming too hot to achieve this.

High-precision five-axis CNC processing improves the engine power on the cylinder blocks. This process ensures better accuracy. It allows for repeatable positioning with an impressive accuracy of 0.005mm. This process allows for repeatable positioning with an impressive accuracy of 0.005mm.

The technical parameters of the flathead and overhead versions of V8 are the same, as follows:

The length of one side cylinder is about 95mm

The total length of the cylinder is about 100mm

The engine ratio is about 1:6

Displacement is about 44cc

Bore size 18.5 Stroke 20.5

The design speed range is 1500~10000rpm (the top speed of flathead and OHV versions is different)

Power is about 4.8ps

 Q: How does the lubrication system of this engine model work?

A: This particular engine model has a separate lubricating system. The idea is to use a pump to deliver oil to engine parts, making sure they are lubricated properly during operation.

Q: Can I choose different colors?

A: As seen in the picture, the engine model is currently only offered in orange; additional color options are not now available.

Q: Why is it recommended to use 2S-3S Lipo batteries as a starting power supply?

A: To guarantee that the engine can acquire enough power at the beginning and offer stable operation, 2S–3S Lipo batteries are advised.

Q: Can it be used in high-temperature environments?

A: This engine model's low-temperature intake pipe design enhances its suitability for high-temperature settings. Nonetheless, keeping an eye on the engine's running condition and heat dissipation in sweltering conditions is still advised.

Q: Why adopt a V-shaped eight-cylinder design?

A: The eight-cylinder engine's V-shaped architecture contributes to increased power and efficiency. This design makes improved cylinder filling and smoother airflow possible, which raises combustion efficiency.

Q: Does it support the installation of generators?

A: Indeed, a generator installation place is reserved for this engine model to facilitate a generator's installation. As an extra function, generators can supply electricity to other devices.

Q: Is there an optional exhaust system?

A: Although the handbook does not currently specify an optional exhaust system, you are free to modify the exhaust system to suit your needs.

Q: Is there a recommended maintenance interval?

A: We advise regularly replacing, cleaning, and inspecting lubricating oil. Consider the frequency of use and environmental factors when adjusting the individual maintenance cycle. The instruction handbook contains comprehensive maintenance instructions.

Q: When will the Cison v8 engine be shipped?

A: Dear customer,

Production progress reaching 90% has delayed the estimated delivery date until the end of February. You can only resume the remaining work on February 15th. We will provide a free tachometer to the initial group of users as compensation for the inconvenience.

The plant closes from February 1 to the 15th for the Spring Festival. We appreciate your understanding that family reunions take place during the Spring Festival.

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