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The scientific realm is where the ENJOMOR ENGINE brand narrative begins. An engineer interested in internal combustion engines meticulously imagined the ideal multi-cylinder engine model. In addition to his pursuit of fine craftsmanship and details, he also possesses a better comprehension of the engine's mechanical structure and operating principle. ENNOMOR ENGINE has developed into a perceptive observer and distinctive manufacturer of internal combustion engine models via extensive research on multi-cylinder piston engines.

Each ENJOMOR ENGINE multi-cylinder piston engine model is a beautiful work of art created with great care. We use high standards and craftsmanship to create accurate and beautiful engine models.

Our multi-cylinder engine models are one-of-a-kind teaching and presentation tools that seamlessly integrate into your daily life with exquisite detail and usefulness. The models from ENJOMOR ENGINE may accentuate your environment with style and luxury, whether used as decorations or collections.

We are unique in multi-cylinder piston engine models because of our unique research. We strive for scientific accuracy and engineering technology but also bring in a distinct aesthetic approach. The meticulous selection of materials and superior production methods, well beyond the realm of internal combustion engine models, culminate in every ENVOMOR ENGINE creation.

The multi-cylinder piston engine models from ENJOMOR ENGINE are more than just toys or models, thanks to their distinctive appearance and exquisite craftsmanship. They are a mark of distinction and excellent taste and express respect and enthusiasm for mechanical engineering.

Join us as we explore the fascinating world of internal combustion engine models and experience the seamless fusion of art, science, and workmanship. Let ENJOMOR ENGINE be your companion. Savor the beautiful culmination of artistic skill and aesthetic science.

Model: 10103
12V High Power Permanent Blue Magnet DC generator for HOWIN/ENJOMOR/RETROL/SEMTO Engine Models ModificationFeatures:This miniature DC generator model is made of metal and has a realistic appearance that precisely restores accurate details.Generates a current of roughly 1A and a voltage of 12V to pow..
$153.99 $153.99
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Model: 10135
Brushless 80A ESC 12V-24V for Enjomor D6 Engine ModelFeatures:Excellent straight-four gasoline engine compatible 80A brushless ESC.It is also extensively applicable to various model engines, aircraft, fans, oil pumps, etc..It can be utilized with a power supply, brushless motor, and a speed regulato..
$39.99 $39.99
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Model: 10040
ENJOMOR 1/10 Metal RC Car Frame 4WD Off-road Climbing Car without Car ShellFeatures: Metal Crawler Car: Exact processing created a high-end carbon fiber girder. Specifically to build a cheap RC model automobile for enthusiasts. The internal gears of the automobile are constructed of carbon..
$319.99 $319.99
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Model: 10169
Enjomor 36cc I4 DOHC 4-cylinder Inline Four-stroke Water-cooled Gasoline Engine with Twin Overhead Camshafts for RC Car Boat Features:.DOHC Design: The dual or double overhead camshaft is referred to as DOHC. On two camshafts, there are intake and exhaust valves. The engine has a four-cyli..
$999.99 $999.99
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Model: 10139
ENJOMOR 4 Cylinder Hot Air Stirling Engine Generator with Bulb & VoltmeterFeatures:.The engine is ready to run immediately and has a distinctive appearance with parallel arrangements for the double heating and power cylinders. Stirling engines are external combustion engines that operate steadil..
$89.99 $89.99
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Model: 10139
ENJOMOR 6cc Antique Red Hit and Miss Gas Engine Working ModelDescription:A hit-and-miss engine is a four-stroke IC engine type that has existed since the late 1800s and gained popularity during the 1890s and 1930s. The method of speed control used on these engines (as opposed to the "throttle-govern..
$349.99 $349.99
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Model: 10142
ENJOMOR Aircraft Free-piston Stirling Engine Motor ToyFeatures:Science Education Toys: This Stirling engine external combustion model features a unique design and a cool propeller head. The intriguing and inventive tabletop technological gadget will pique people's interest.Easy to Run: It runs ..
$59.99 $59.99
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Model: 10070
ENJOMOR Assembly Vertical Hero's Steam Engine Model with Boiler DIY KITFeatures:DIY Fun: The steam engine comes in the shape of an assembly kit with about 40 different types of parts. You'll begin a challenging project to build a new steam engine with clear pictorial instructions, a great assem..
$129.99 $129.99
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Model: 10298
ENJOMOR Balance Two Cylinder Stirling Engine with LED LightMaterial: metal + glass + wood; color: as shown in the figure: productfeatures:1. Science education toys that are ready to use and have a unique design and straightforward functioning. An external combustion engine is the Stirling engine. It..
$63.99 $63.99
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Model: 10206
ENJOMOR DIY Hot Air Stirling Engine Model Building Kits Golden Features:Innovative Design: The Stirling engine with a balanced structure differs from the standard Stirling engine in that it includes a small generator. You can experience the allure of mechanical functioning when the engine ..
$59.99 $59.99
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Model: 10257
ENJOMOR DIY Your Gamma LED Sterling Engine Generator Model KITFeatures:Engine exploration: You can have fun making a Stirling engine and learning about its internal construction by assembling the KIT loose-packed Stirling engine yourself. The product's assembly is made simple by straightforward..
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enjomor gamma hot air stirling engine generator movement is everything enjomor gamma hot air stirling engine generator movement is everything
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Model: 10110
ENJOMOR Gamma Hot Air Stirling Engine Generator Movement is everythingFeatures:.What's Ringbom Stirling Engine?A distinctive Gamma-type engine is the Ringbom engine. Because the piston of a Ringbom Stirling engine is attached to a crankshaft, gas pressure changes acting on the displacer piston rod w..
$39.99 $39.99
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