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Motorcycle Engine

Understanding Different Motorcycle Engine Types

Similar to cars, motorcycles can be powered by various engine types while traveling down the road. Motorcycle engines come in a surprisingly large variety, each categorized by layout, stroke, number of cylinders, and cooling technique.

As readers of the Redex blog often know, we're interested in everything combustion-powered. For this reason, today's topic focuses on motorcycle engine types, covering their many displacements, configurations, and variants.

This resource analyzes the main differences between common motorcycle engines. It is helpful for both new riders and those thinking about changing bikes.

The analysis is comprehensive and covers all the key points. Whether you are a beginner or looking to switch bikes, this resource has valuable information for you. We've also provided some further advice on maintaining and cleaning a motorcycle engine, such as using Redex gasoline additives.

Motorcycle engine types explained.

If you own a motorcycle, you may want to learn about the different types of engines. It doesn't matter how long you've had it or how many miles it has. We'll review the several varieties categorized based on various aspects in the following sections.

What are the different motorcycle engine layouts?

Even though motorcycles have limited space, manufacturers have continued to innovate novel layouts that improve performance while reducing weight. Like automobiles, the number of cylinders and overall configuration determine motorcycle engine layouts. The majority of bike models fall into eight categories, which include:

  • Single
  • Parallel-Twin
  • Inline-Three
  • Inline-Four
  • V Twin motorcycle engine
  • L Twin motorcycle engine
  • V4 motorcycle engine
  • Flat Twin motorcycle engine


What’s the difference between a 2-stroke and a 4-stroke motorcycle?

The stroke number is the characteristic that characterizes a motorcycle engine after layout. Motorcycle engines come in two primary stroke variations: two and four. The main difference between the two is how many times the piston moves in each combustion cycle. A two-stroke engine moves twice, while a four-stroke engine moves four times."

Two-stroke motorcycle engines are becoming less common. This is because they are not as efficient or cost-effective as four-stroke engines. This depends on the engine's size, though; many low-powered mopeds with 50CC engines still have two-stroke engines.

How are motorcycle engines cooled?

The cooling system of a motorcycle is another element that categorizes its engine type. Every motorcycle engine is either air-cooled or liquid-cooled; we'll go over the differences between the two below:

  • Air-cooled motorcycle engines: Engines with air cooling are equipped with fins that expose the engine to more air when driving. This aids in heat dissipation so that no additional cooling technique is needed.
  • Liquid-cooled motorcycle engines: Like automobile engines, liquid-cooled engines use a continuous liquid flow to release stored energy. They even share parts with their four-wheeled equivalents, such as hoses, a reservoir for coolant to fill off the system, and a radiator.

Motorcycle engines with higher displacement usually require liquid cooling, while those with lower displacement can use air cooling. The various motorbike engine sizes and capacities will be discussed here.


What are the different sizes of motorcycle engines you can get?

Motorbike engines vary widely regarding displacement, capacity, and power output. A "CC" rating, a term primarily used to classify a motorcycle's performance, represents this.

Motorcycle engines are generally divided into ten CC categories, which are as follows:

  • 50CC
  • 125CC
  • 250CC
  • 300CC
  • 400CC
  • 500CC
  • 600CC
  • 750CC
  • 1000CC
  • 1000+CC

With a CBT license, riding bikes at the lower end of the CC spectrum, such as 50CC and 125CC bikes, is permissible. Anything more than that in the UK calls for a whole motorcycle license.

Here you have it: a thorough analysis of how motorbike engine types might vary. To find the perfect bike, you need to do a lot of research. There are many different settings and capacities to consider. This will depend on the model and manufacturer.

How do I clean and maintain engine of a motorcycle?

Taking care of a motorcycle engine is easier than taking care of a car engine. This is because all the motorcycle engine parts are easier to access.

Cleaning a motorcycle engine is also simpler compared to cleaning a car engine. This is due to the accessibility of the engine parts. There are a few guidelines to take into account for keeping your bike, which we outline below:

At least every 4,000 miles or six months, whichever comes first, the oil should be checked and serviced.

Periodically clean and lube the engine. For comprehensive instructions on how to safely clean a motorcycle, make sure to read our comprehensive guide.

As with a car, frequently check the coolant level to see if the engine on your bike is liquid-cooled. The best cooling results come from maintaining the level at its highest point.

Regularly check, clean, and lubricate the chain. Regular maintenance is crucial for this component of your bike's powertrain, even though it isn't part of the engine.

Before your first ride, it's advisable to refill the fuel if your bike has been left idle for an extended time, such as in winter. A baster put straight into the gasoline tank is the most straightforward technique to remove old fuel. We'll talk about motorcycle engine gasoline additives next. It's worth utilizing one.


Can I use engine additives in a motorcycle?

Indeed, you can. Redex Petrol System Cleaner and other fuel additives are safe to use in motorcycles and other engines. This includes lawnmowers, compressors, and radio control cars.

Fuel additives improve engine longevity and efficiency by clearing hazardous deposits from your bike's fuel system. Redex fuel additives can be used without risk whenever you fill-up the tank.

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