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Rc Engine

4 Stroke R.C. Engine

What is a stroke R.C. Engine?

An internal combustion (I.C.) engine with four consecutive strokes completed by the piston while the crankshaft is being rotated is called a four-stroke (or four-cycle) engine. The entire piston's trip along the cylinder in either direction is called a stroke.

The Otto cycle, named after Nikolaus Otto, who first showed the four-stroke engine in 1876, is another name for it. Four-stroke cycle is the technically correct word. These days, the most popular engine type is undoubtedly the four-stroke engine. Nearly all cars and trucks are powered by it.

Complete Process for Four-stroke Cycle

Intake: Also referred to as suction or induction. The top dead center (T.D.C.) and bottom dead center (B.D.C.) are this piston stroke's starting and finishing points.

During this particular stroke, the intake valve needs to be in the open position. The piston creates vacuum pressure inside the cylinder by moving downward, which causes an air-fuel mixture to be drawn into the cylinder. The downward motion pushing against the piston causes air to be drawn in, which causes the piston to descend.

Compression: This stroke terminates at T.D.C. and starts at B.D.C., which is the point where the suction stroke ends. To prepare the air-fuel mixture for ignite during the power stroke (below), the piston compresses it during this stroke. During this phase, the exhaust and intake valves are both closed.

Combustion: Also called ignite or power. The four-stroke cycle's second revolution has begun at this point. The crankshaft has now turned 360 degrees in its entirety.

The air and fuel mix is ignited by a spark plug in a gasoline engine. In a diesel engine, the mix is ignited by heat from high compression.

This ignition occurs when the piston is at the top of its stroke. This forces the piston back to B.D.C. The engine generates mechanical work during this stroke that turns the crankshaft.

Exhaust: Also called "outlet" The exhaust valve is open as the piston once more moves from B.D.C. to T.D.C. during the exhaust stroke. Through the exhaust valve, the wasted air-fuel combination is released in this manner.

In gasoline/petrol engines, the four strokes are intake (1), compression (2), power (3), and exhaust (4). The intake port is on the right, blue side, and the exhaust port is on the left, brown side. The piston head is encircled by a thin sleeve called the cylinder wall, making room for fuel combustion and creating mechanical energy.

Why Choose 4 Stroke Engine for R.C. Models?

1. Compared to a 2-stroke engine, a 4-stroke engine produces more torque at lower rpm.

2. Fuel efficiency compared to a two-stroke engine.

3. No oil is used during combustion, producing fewer pollutants.

4. Four-stroke engines are more durable than two-stroke engines because two-stroke engines are intended at high rpms, where they wear down more quickly.

5. An independent oil chamber is present.

6. It has a more realistic sound and is commonly seen in scale models of trucks, cars, airplanes, boats, and other vehicles powered by four-stroke engines.

Why Choose Toyan 4 Stroke Engine?

1, work stable

2, Maintenance procedure is simple

1) Clean the Pull rod for half a month or 20 days/times.

2) Open the cover and lubricate it with grease.

3) Change belt regularly ( each belt works around 100hours )

3, Carburetor is easy to debug

4, mini design, but with solid power.

5, fuel-efficient than another engine.

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