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Toyan Model Engine & Parts

All You Need To Know About The Legendary Toyan V8 Small Block Motor FS

The Toyan Engine Company makes the FS-V800 or FS-V800G V8 engine. It is an eight-cylinder engine that was first made in 2022." Toyan has been producing compact and functional model engines for over seven years. These engines are mainly used in fuel-powered remote-control model vehicles and collections.

The cheaper "FS-V800" models from Toyan are made to be affordable. They still offer strong V8 performance with powerful torque and high compression horsepower. The 3.5cc water-cooled V8 Toyan FS-V800 engine has a 10,500 rpm maximum rev limit.

The Toyan V8 engine is small and affordable, but it has great features like two carburetors and a water cooling pump. It also has tiny exhaust headers and mufflers.

This engine is better than other V8 models." They offer the benefits of Toyan's famous cross-plane crankshaft with a long stroke and overhead camshaft design. They are lightweight, compact, and provide increased fuel efficiency, similar to their more powerful counterparts.

After assembly, every V8 is carefully balanced to achieve new heights in smooth, vibration-free performance. It was like the sound of a muscle car tearing up the road. It will rev more freely with the supercharger.

The Toyan V8 engine model is a technical marvel that has helped define RC motive power for almost a century. Having a compact, powerful V8 engine at home is fantastic and makes an ideal present for model engineers. The DIY assembly toyan engine kit is even more appealing if you can purchase it that way.

FAQs About The Toyan V8 Engine

Where can I buy all the Toyan v8 engine accessories?

Diyenginemodel is a source for replacement V8 engine parts.

How do you connect the wire of the Toyan V8 Model Engine?

It needs a water-cooled tank, CDI, radiator, and eight glow plugs. The Toyan FS-V800 or FS-V800G starter kit is available for purchase.

Can I buy a gasoline Toyan V8 engine now?

Indeed. In October 2022, Toyota debuted the new V8 gasoline engine. 

Are any of these two engine models the Toyan V8, FS-V800 supercharged engine model RTR upgrade and the engine Model without compressor (FS-V800) also ready-assembled. I appreciate any help you can provide.

Hi, the Toyan V8 engine comes in two versions: the finished version and the DIY version. And the supercharger alone is available for purchase.

Where Can I find the instructions for the Toyan V8 Engine?

It includes the parckage. The English manual is provided by Toyan. Please get in touch with us if you require a version in another language.

You can view the distributor version of TOYAN gasoline V8 here.

Who supplies the parts for my Toyan v8 engine?

The Diyenginemodel typically sells parts for every Toyan engine purchased from our shop. Please get in touch with our engine expert directly if you are still looking for the correct part for your V8 engine.

When they arrive at the shop, we frequently record all of the part numbers, suppliers, dates ordered, order status, shipping dates, tracking numbers, and arrival dates. We can promptly locate, return, or swap out the parts in case of an issue.

Unbelievably frequently, our shop receives deliveries of incorrect parts. In addition to failing to reach our quality requirements, there could be mislabeling at the factory, a broken or damaged part, or several other issues. Returning items can be quick and simple. It can also be a lengthy process with a lot of back-and-forth communication.

Parts provided by the customer can cause a great deal of delay and tension in this process, mainly if the crew is waiting on decisions from an unavailable customer. We can handle these circumstances more effectively and spare the customer's difficulties when we order the parts. Owing to our solid working relationships with Toyan as a supplier, they frequently offer extra services to locate the items we require quickly.

How to ignite the Gas TOYAN V8? 

Ignition Reminders!

Please don't turn it upside down; instead, pay attention to the color sequence to prevent installation errors. The leftmost hall sensor line is black from the engine's flywheel end, whereas the rightmost line is yellow. 

Second, the new 2-in-1 hall sensor must be placed on the base beneath the collar to detect the magnetic collar. If you don't have a base, the hall sensor needs to be installed in a base or some other location using a hall sensor bracket. Fix the hall sensor with two screws.

You can make your base if you decide not to buy one from Stirlingkit. 

Third, the magnetic collar is installed on the flywheel using two screws. 

When securing the magnetic collar, be sure to tighten the left and right screws consistently to ensure a smooth rotation without shaking. Additionally, avoid letting the collar come into contact with the hall sensor. 

It can quickly create friction between the magnetic collar and the hall sensor if it is not fixed correctly, which can lead to damage and malfunctioning hall sensors. 

What are the necessary components for the engine to start?

Igniter, gasoline-or methanol-powered hot spark plug (or both). A fuel tank and a 7.4V, 3000mAh, 30C starting battery are needed for starting.

What are the differences between the Gasoline and Methanol versions?

The carburetor, compression ratio, and cylinder sleeve all differ.

Can the Gasoline Version and Methanol Version be used interchangeably?

Methanol can be burned in the gasoline version, but gasoline cannot be burned in the methanol version.

Does a single engine come with an igniter?

No, an igniter is not included with any of the gasoline or methanol versions.

Is it only the model that cannot start?

No, it can start.

Is it necessary to add engine oil?

Yes, for the Methanol Version as well as the Gasoline Version.

Does the engine require lubricating oil?

Yes, all friction surfaces—including the rocker arm, camshaft, small and big ends of the connecting rod, and the piston pin—need lubricant.

Is the compression ratio higher in the Gasoline Version or the Methanol Version?

The compression ratio is more significant in the Methanol Version.

Does it come with a screwdriver?

No, one is not included with it. An integrated auxiliary tool is included with the assembly version.

What is the specification of the silicone oil tube?

Its dimensions are 4.5 mm for the outer diameter and 2.5 mm for the inner diameter.

The spark plug and igniter are connected by a tube with an exterior diameter of 6 mm and an interior diameter of 4 mm.

11-1. V800W Carburetor Adjustment Suggestions

(1)Make sure that both throttle pillars' intake apertures are installed in unison. The difficulty of adjusting the needle may increase if there is a noticeable difference.

(2) When disassembling the exhaust pipe, it is advised to feel every cylinder under various exhaust pressures and circumstances. When you experience the exhaust pressure firsthand, keep a safe distance to avoid getting burned by the hot gases.

(3)Reduce the tension on the primary and secondary oil needles. Turn the auxiliary oil needle loose by two to three revolutions.

To help break in a new engine, it is advised to set the primary needle at 4-5 turns for a slightly rich mixture. At idling, set the minimum air intake to 1.5–2.0 mm.

(4)To improve the amount of fuel that enters the cylinders, set the throttle to its lowest setting. To stabilize, start the engine and maintain a 30% throttle setting.

(5)Adjust the appropriate main needle clockwise in 15° increments until the cylinder's condition approaches that of the other cylinders if there is weak exhaust or sporadic carburetor explosions on the side of the cylinder. As you turn the cylinders, move them clockwise from least to most optimal combustion.

(6)To attain balanced performance, turn the main needle of the cylinder that started faster than the others in terms of exhaust speed and temperature by clockwise.

(7)Lean or rich fuel conditions can be identified by listening to the sound produced when you smoothly accelerate and decelerate the throttle after all cylinders have been adjusted to a primary, consistent condition. The auxiliary oil needle should be turned clockwise for light oil and counterclockwise for rich oil in increments of 20° each.

(8)Once the engine has cooled down, clean and reattach the exhaust pipe.

Notes: Because two of the carburetors on the eight cylinders have similar characteristics, modifying one carburetor could have an impact on the state of the other cylinders.

As a result, adjustment calls for perseverance, several tries, and experimentation to acquire new skills.

How can I distinguish the Gasoline version from the methanol version? I have yet to find a way to tell the two versions apart. 

The Toyan engine's fundamental feature is its inability to discern between gasoline and methanol versions. It should be mentioned, nonetheless, that different engine variants call for various starting accessories.

Put another way, if you purchase a Toyan methanol engine, you must select starting accessories meant for methanol engines and start the engine with methanol fuel. When buying a Toyan gasoline engine, be sure to choose starting accessories made for gasoline engines. Also, remember to use fuel to start the engine.

The flywheel, or if a magnet is present on the cam, is the primary distinction between a Toyan methanol engine and a gasoline engine. The Toyan gasoline engine is the one with magnets under normal conditions.

CDI is possible because the flywheel has a magnet that can be utilized to create induction using a Hall sensor. Otherwise, the ignition module and methanol are the only options. However, Toyan later began to try new things.

As you can see, distributors are involved in the majority of the most recent Toyan engine products. In this instance, even methanol engines can run on gasoline because the distributor includes magnets.

Magnets can be found in the distributor, cam, or flywheel. It demonstrates that a magnet is required to create Hall induction when starting a gasoline engine. It's a methanol machine without the magnet.

Why is it Hard to Start a Gasoline V8 engine Model?


The gasoline Toyan V8 engine model is complex to start for a variety of reasons, chief among them being the following:

One is the model's inherent complexity. The gasoline model V8 engine has a complex structure. It requires many parameter adjustments. These adjustments include cylinder volume, valve delay, and fuel injector control. These adjustments are needed to accurately replicate the operational characteristics of the actual engine. The model will only work successfully if the parameters are set appropriately.

The second is the engine operating environment's uncertainty. A gas V8 engine's operational environment is different from a laboratory, where highly tight guidelines are necessary, and variables like temperature, atmospheric pressure, different air contaminants, and so forth might affect the engine. Uncertainties in certain ambient circumstances can significantly impact the starting performance of gasoline engines.

The third is the unpredictability of parts for V8 engines. The parts of a gasoline engine are composed of several tiny pieces. Since each component's precision and quality have an impact on the engine's performance, an engine's starting performance will also be impacted by an unreliable component.

The engine control system's flaw is the fourth. The beginning performance of the gasoline engine simulation model is significantly impacted by the engine control system's imperfection, which prevents it from accurately simulating the engine's running characteristics.

In short, the gasoline engine simulation model is difficult to start for several reasons. These include its complexity, the environment it operates in, unreliable engine components, and flaws in the engine control system. The following parameters should be carefully considered while utilizing a gasoline engine simulation model to enhance the engine simulation model's start-up performance.

So, How to Start the Toyan V8 Gasoline Engine Model?


The condition of all engine system parts, such as engine oil, fuel, valves, pistons, crankshaft, connecting rods, brakes, timing belt, fuel injectors, exhaust pipes, spark plugs, engine coolant, air filter, air conditioning system, system power supply, air conditioning system, air conditioner filter, etc., should be checked twice before starting the tiny Toyan V8 model. To maintain the proper operation of your Toyan engine, each failed component must be either repaired or replaced.

Next, make sure to check the engine's electrical system. This includes the starter, battery, engine setup, electrical parts, engine control system, sensors, and engine control unit. To maintain the V8 engine operating correctly, inspection and repairs are necessary if the electrical system malfunctions.

Third, this V8 machine has a high speed that might be dangerous, and it is advised to use 95 # pure gasoline as its fuel. Please follow the directions precisely as they are written!

Only add gasoline (92, 95, and 98) and nothing else. In certain nations, the names of gasoline models may differ. An octane level of 91 or lower cannot be added to gasoline; 95 is the preferred value.)

The gas must be kept separate from the ignition source and clean! Fuel with a lot of contaminants may clog the carburetor oil passage, which will lower engine performance. (Please use 2T engine oil and change the gasoline fuel ratio to 1:25 to 1:30).

Fourth, because the FS-V800G has a four-stroke gasoline engine, it needs eight specific spark plugs. A unique CDI is necessary for the spark plugs to control ignition. The spark plug and gasoline will ignite when Hall senses the piston running to TDC, and the generator will then start operating.


The spark plugs will only last for a while if the engine is operating at very high speeds. Please be advised that engine fuel may be hazardous to human health.

Steer clear of tongue or eye contact, store in appropriately labeled containers, and keep out of children's reach. It catches fire quickly. Stay away from sources of ignition, high temperatures, and open flames.

Additionally, the fuel system of the little Toyan V8 model needs to be inspected before starting. This entails checking the fuel pressure regulator, fuel lines, fuel filter, fuel injectors, fuel pump, and more. Inspection and repairs are necessary to ensure that the engine operates correctly if the fuel system fails.

Finally, the engine's emissions system needs to be examined before tu

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