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10 Best RC Model Tanks for Kids of 2024

I've gone through many RC toys as a mother of five children, three of whom are boys and one of whom is an avid RC hobbyist. Some endure, but others don't. I want to offer my professional opinion on the top RC tanks and the information you should consider before getting your kid one.

I've compiled a list of the top 10 RC tanks using my expertise, suggestions from our young RC hobby group, and numerous internet evaluations. Additionally, I've made a quick buying guide so you can see what I took into account when selecting them. But first, if you're concerned about RC tank safety,

These are the 10 best RC model tanks your child can have.

Infrared Fighting RC Tank

With a turret that can rotate 330 degrees and dual tracks, this remote control replica mimics the real thing's steering and movement. It is equipped with a tank commander that you can attach or leave off and an optional machine gun installed on the turret. Either way, the tank functions the same.

This small RC tank works well on different surfaces like roads, short grass, and dirt. It is reliable and performs effectively." Realistic infrared fights can be experienced if you acquire other tanks in the same line.


  • Excellent value for your hard-earned money.
  • There are many entertaining elements to prevent your child from becoming quickly bored.
  • Safe for younger children to play with.
  • No small plastic pieces to break off and vacuum up.


  • Not the most detailed replica.

Mostop RC Crawler Tank

This tank remote control toy is great for off-road fun. This remote control tank toy is perfect for off-road adventures.

It has unique doors that open upwards and high clearance for water crossings. The tank can reach speeds of up to 10 miles per hour. A layer of enjoyment is added with an LED light strip and loud engine noises.

This tank's self-adjusting treads can handle a 45-degree incline and pass through shallow puddles because of its high ground clearance. It isn't waterproof, so if your kids are playing in the water, watch them closely and keep them out of any deeper than an inch.


  • Pistol grip remote is easier to use for little hands.
  • It will splash across the shallow water to add more enjoyable elements.
  • Performs donuts, which kids will love.


  • Not a traditional military tank.
  • Watch the water depth because it's partially waterproof.

M41 Walker Bulldog RC Tank

This hobby-grade RC tank is made to last for many years with its steel gearbox, metal sprocket wheel, metal tracks, and robust construction. There is a camera mount inside to film your escapades while driving from within the tank, albeit one is omitted.

The gun barrel recoils when it fires, moves up and down, and produces a firing noise in addition to firing cat-chasing 6mm BBs. Meanwhile, you can engage in tank combat with a detachable infrared module, noises from machine guns and engines, and the ability to see exhaust smoke.

Despite being my favorite tank, it comes in at number three because of its cost.


  • Exceptional running time for kids who don't like breaks.
  • It has excellent build quality, so it holds up to heavy use.
  • Multiple features like BBs and noise that kids will enjoy.


  • It is high-cost, which is why serious amateurs should use it.

POCO Sherman vs. Pershing Infrared Battle Tanks

Having two children and a tight budget presents you with three choices:

Make them battle over a single, high-quality tank.

Purchase two inferior tanks and watch them fail.

Select these reasonably priced, two-for-one RC tanks that are of good quality.

This robust RC tank kit features a post-fire recoiling turret, machine gun and turret sounds, and running and startup motor noises. However, the realism is lacking.

Even on mild inclines, you can avoid the opponent with the help of the grippy caterpillar tracks, and spinning in place to commemorate a win is a breeze, thanks to the straightforward handling.


  • Excellent value for bigger households.
  • Control the volume to save yourself from headaches and irritation.
  • LED indicator for tank battle.


  • The 25-foot range for infrared battles.
  • There is an absence of specificity, but your child might not care about it.

BlueFit German Tiger I Panzer Tank

With just one hour needed for a full charge, you can get about fifteen minutes of use out of this Bluefit RC tank. Don't expect the younger child to find this tank enjoyable because it's a fast, small device that might be challenging to learn how to handle.

When driving, there's a good, genuine squeak and rumbling sound. The tank's turret can rotate 360 degrees, while the barrel can move upward and downward by about 30 degrees.

It's a good value for a beginner tank for a kid who might not realize how profoundly interested they are in this kind of thing.


  • Charges from the remote, which makes it easy for kids.
  • Short charging time is advantageous because battery life is limited.
  • Faster than most, which should excite your child.


  • Limited features.
  • Indoor only, which may bum out your child.

OASO RC Tank Building Kit

You can assemble an RC tank, an RC-tracked car, and an RC robot using this 392-piece kit. One-at-a-time creation is permitted. However, you can disassemble and reassemble as often as you'd like.

The building aspect of this kit fosters self-confidence in your youngster and can be arranged in several ways other than the recommended build. It will be enjoyable yet instructive.


  • Fun, non-traditional tank style.
  • With the addition of the building element, there is more play value.
  • Education as a STEM tool.

Military RC Tank

With shooting functionality among its other features, this remote control tank has all the functional fun you'd expect from a mid-range toy. The on/off button for the audio is one feature of this model that I appreciated and is absent from other models.

Silence compensates for some aspects, which were a bit much. At 270 degrees, the turret revolves. About thirty degrees is moved up and down by the rifle barrel.


  • 360-degree rotation.
  • Simple to operate so children can play independently.
  • It can climb up minor inclines for more play value.

Model: 10125
1:16 German Leopard 2A6 Main Battle Tank 2.4G Remote Control Model Military Tank with Sound Smoke Shooting Effect - Metal Ultimate EditionFeatures:This remote control tank uses an independent suspension system, which allows it to travel steadily and adapt to different terrains.The accompanying trans..
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Model: 10037
1:16 German Tiger Heavy Tank 2.4G Remote Control Model Military Tank with Sound Smoke Shooting Effect - Basic EditionFeatures:An intense battle scene may be created using the 1:16 RC Tank toy, which has excellent details that resemble a real tank.Realistic Smoke, Sounds, and Recoil Action in an RC T..
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Model: 10104
1:16 German III-F8 Assault Tank 2.4G Remote Control Model Military Tank with Sound Smoke Shooting Effect - Metal Ultimate EditionFeatures:✅ New and superior quality. Turn on/off the set: full-scale R/C functionality, UV paint coating on the car body, increased wear and impact resistance.★The gun bar..
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Model: 1-16-russian-t90-main-battle-tank-2-4g-remote-control-model-tank
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Model: simulative-israeli-m60w-era-magach-3-rc-tank-military-toy-1-16-2
Simulative Israeli M60W ERA Magach 3 RC Tank Military Toy 1/16 2.4G Features:.The newest high-end simulation tank model is a prototype of the Israeli army's "Magach 3" tank. It looks really realistic and is equipped with low voltage overcurrent and high temperature protective features..Rich playabil..
$299.99 $299.99
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Model: 10258
1:16 Soviet T-34 Medium Tank 2.4G Remote Control Model Military Tank with Sound Smoke Shooting Effect - Metal Upgraded EditionFeatures:When climbing the ground, the tank's metal rocker arm and independent suspension are more strong and robust. Its independent suspension technology allows it to navig..
$449.99 $449.99
Ex Tax:$449.99
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