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Engine Model Kit

Almost fifteen V8 engine models have been revised since the team V8engineforsale was initially released in January 2019. We're going to keep working to update more model kits for V8 engines. In the near future, more V8 engines will be made available. Subscribe to our feed for additional information about engine models.

Building an engine model is both a tough and gratifying project that may be considered "fun for all ages" according to V8engineforsale.

DIY kits can be fun and educational for people interested in engineering or mechanics. Certain of our v8 engine model kits, such as the TOYAN V8 Nitro Engine, can be constructed into a remote-control automobile and used as an engine.

Concerning getting started with these kits, don't worry. Detailed instructions are included with every model of V8 engine.

Videos and reviews are available for the top-selling V8 engine models that we gathered from v8engineforsale.

1. Innonex Visible V8 Working Model Engine Kit

Reviews from our customers:

Skip wrote a 5 stars review: Fun for all ages

For three males, ages 25, 35, and 44, this was a fantastic source of pleasure. Remember that we were putting this together later in the evening, so our thinking was a little slower. We continued hearing from my 18 and 16-year-olds that it was a model for children 12 and up.

To that, all I can say is that we had a great time and will definitely do it again. This is for you if you have a creative mind and enjoy assembling things.

We disassembled the engine after two days of construction and use. I'm going to utilize this again as a late-night treat for a new group.

2. Haynes Visible V8 Engine Model Kit






Review from Man Helen - Fun, Well made model. Handy teaching tool for the basics.

Fun project. I had fun putting the V8 together with my teenage nephew, who undoubtedly learned a little bit about the internal combustion engine's mechanics. (the fundamentals, anyway)...

The water pump/fan pulley was absent from the kit, but a few days later, I received a replacement in my inbox thanks to an email I sent to the firm. I consider that to be really good customer service.

The kit requires no glue to assemble; screws are all that are needed.It's a plus in my book. The intricacy of the more intricate assemblies (ignition, cams) is astounding.

It is even possible to set and modify the timing such that the red lights, which symbolize the spark plugs, flash precisely during the compression/power stroke. entertaining to observe.

The sound from the battery-powered engine is louder than the speaker, but it's not a big problem. I seem to remember that the first "visible V8" was also a little noisy.

In actuality, this is a good updated rendition of the original. Fun to construct and instructive.

3. TECHING Full Metal V8 Engine Model Kit

✔High Craftsmanship

✔Fun Assembly Kit

✔V8 Engine That Works

✔Excellent Steam Toys

✔Gifts & Collection

Review from DANIEL - Très bon moteur

Just like the four cylinders, I had a great time making your V8. It was very well-made and elegantly crafted.

I made some changes to the engine without any issues. I made changes to the engine without any problems. I added a felt cover to the valves to improve performance. I widened the opening with a block filter to see the connecting rod move more clearly.

Additionally, I found it useful to create the illumination, delco, and bougie fils while indicating the correct engine cylinder positions, which are 1-3-5-7. If I'm not mistaken, the illumination sequence is 1-4-5-2-7-6-3-8.

I'll leave my comments here. It's a really nice engine once it's finished, and I plan to buy the six online sometime soon.

4. MAD RC Simulation V8 Engine Model Kit

✔RC Full Simulation Engine

✔Model KIT That Works

Review from Tom - Good quality, fun and educational

When my kids, ages ten and twelve, received this toy, they were ecstatic. The instructions were excellent. They resembled Lego instructions in that they contained step-by-step drawings. Because there are many little parts to this toy, you should set aside a spot where you will work on the engine until it is finished.

To ensure you have the right screws, you must properly inspect them as there is a slight discrepancy between the two screw sizes. My guys couldn't figure out why they weren't fitting properly because they weren't aware that there were different sizes. There are numerous steps and parts to put together, therefore I would advise anyone with a child under 14 to supervise.

less opportunity for error when overseen by an adult.

My boys finished it in around six hours, but there were a few hiccups. putting on parts backwards and using the incorrect screws, which is why I strongly advise adult supervision.

After we were finished, the engine had an amazing appearance and sound. I'll upload some photos shortly.

5. TOYAN V8 Engine FS-V800 Nitro Engine

TOYAN V8 Engine is for presale now and there is no review for it. Reviews will be updated when the items sent out to our customers. 

Model: 10011
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Model: pta6-turboprop-engine-model-kit-build-your-own-turboprop-engine-
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Stirling Engine Model Kit Aluminum Alloy Anodized Flame Engine Professional Heat Energy Engine Features:Completely fresh and of excellent qualityThe engine features all copper cylinders, a side air inlet, and a revolutionary design.A variety of high-quality, all-metal components with a cool, brass ..
$99.99 $99.99
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TECHING DIY 5 Cylinder Electric Micro Aircraft Radial Engine Model Kits That Runs 250+pcs for Sale Features:Aircraft five-cylinder radial engine model kits, with superbly textured metal parts, giving you all knowledge about the amazing world of mechanical engineering in an immersive atmosphere. ..
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Model: 10030
Teching V8 Mechanical Metal Assembly DIY Car Engine Model Kit 500+Pcs Educational Experiment Toy Features:Story Origin: This Teching v8 engine is based on the principles of the first 8-cylinder engine built in the United States as a sign of respect, educating more children about how it operates. ..
$699.99 $699.99
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