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HOWIN L6 Engine & Parts

The Chinese high-tech city of Shenzhen is home to HOWIN ENGINE, a company that aims to produce high performance model engines. The name "HOWIN" is an acronym for the brand.

By focusing on the RC model engine business, HOWIN surpasses the limits of genuine engines. In addition to co-branding, co-designing, and co-producing V8 engines with Team TOYAN, Team HOWIN strives for high precision and high performance in the production of scale model engines.

HOWIN started making model engines this summer to meet the needs of RC model and model engine fans. The L4 engine is the company's first attempt at an inline 6 engine, and further RC engines will be introduced in the coming months.

Applying HOWIN ENGINE to RC monster trucks, pulling trucks, and even drag cars should make them into true beasts! 

Model: 10082
CDI Ignition with Inch Thread 3/16-40 Spark Plug Kit for HOWIN L6-210 Engine Model note: the CDI is customized by Howin team. in stockFeatures:.Specially suitable for HOWIN L6-210 engine model. Specifications:.Material: Alloy & Plastic.Product Weight: 550g.Package Dimensions: 15 x 12 x 10cm.Package..
$163.99 $163.99
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Model: 10065
HOWIN Inline L6-210 21cc Straight-six Four-Stroke Gasoline Engine Model Building Kits Water-cooled 13500rpm Features:.Why Howin Engine Makes the Inline Six Engine L6-210? Do you still recall taking a joyride in your Ferrari F300 on Sunday night? You will be drawn to the L6 engine if you have drive..
$1,299.99 $1,299.99
Ex Tax:$1,299.99
Model: 10244
Split-Type Exhaust Pipe for HOWIN ENGINE L6-210 Engine ModelFeatures:This exhaust pipe is made especially for engines with the HOWIN L6 type.It was printed from metal using 3D printing for superior heat and corrosion resistance.Need a lead time of three to five days due to processing time.Specificat..
$86.99 $86.99
Ex Tax:$86.99
Model: 10298
Starter Kit for HOWIN L6-210 21cc Inline 6 Gas Engine DIY Model Kits NOTE: The starter kit includes the high voltage wires with caps that link each spark plug to the high voltage distributor as well as the wiring set for the spark plugs and spark plug leads.  Features:Particularly approp..
$199.99 $199.99
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