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Buyers Guide - Best Remote Control Cars 2024

Seeking to purchase an automobile with a remote control as a gift? If so, our purchasing guide has a selection of RC cars that are appropriate for all age groups and price ranges. This guide includes recommendations on scale and batteries for first-time buyers, as well as models that can be driven both indoors and outdoors.

Our editor made a list of our top models. The list is categorized by price range. This will help you choose from the wide selection we offer. You may be certain that everything you decide to buy will make a wonderful gift based on our recommendations.

RCG Racing Rock Crawler

This little rock crawler, which was one of the biggest surprises of the previous year, has become a favorite for gifts. Customers praised the dual-drive motors and body detail, which make it ideal for kids to roll around the house in. 

It only needs two AA batteries to start, including the car battery and USB charger. Get one from our online store now, and choose the pro combo to receive an additional battery pack that will allow you to drive farther.

FTX Tracer Monster Truck and Truggy

A well-built, little (only 27 cm long), fully equipped car with a 2.4 GHz wireless system, appropriate suspension, water-resistant electronics, and a steering mechanism that is fully proportional rather than just on/off. Although the model has some vigor thanks to the included 2S Li-ion, it isn't quick enough for kids to get into problems.

The product comes pre-assembled and painted, allowing you to personalize the body decals to your preference. Additionally, you can utilize the built-in bumper LEDs for nighttime driving.

You can buy it as a Truggy with a big wing in the back. You can also buy it as a monster truck with a truck body and bumpy tires. Both options are available for the same price. It is advised to purchase our large capacity battery and charger combo simultaneously.

UDI RC Drift Panther and Breaker cars

There has never been more interest in RC drift cars, and UDI has created an excellent drift car on a tight budget. The bodies have excellent rollcage/interior detail, remotely switchable head and taillights, but the true beauty is behind the surface.

This drift car's built-in gyro in the electronics makes it the perfect starter. This device helps stabilize the vehicle during a slide. It works with the steering control. It makes it easier for beginners to handle extended slides. You can reduce the 'intensity' of this effect as you get more proficient at drifting.

The model includes extra rally tires, along with the battery, USB charger, transmitter, and more. It is available with either a Breaker truck or Panther saloon body. Experienced drifters will also like the new, more potent brushless versions.

UDI L-Style, F-Style and P-Style Rally & Racing Cars

The popularity of RC rally vehicles is increasing along the same path as that of drift cars. UDI has perfected both the performance and appearance with their innovative technology. It takes less than thirty minutes for each automobile to be fully assembled and operational. All fall within a reasonable price range, and the brushless version outperforms the brushed counterpart in terms of speed.

The transmitter is a little large and thick, but it contains everything you need, and the L-Style is really detailed. It has an ESP (Electronic Stability Programme), a steering drill, and steering trim. Because of the gyro, the front wheels of the car attempt to counteract the turn to keep the model from skidding.

In our experience, we suggest either turning off the ESP completely or using it sparingly when driving a rally car. When the ESP is fully engaged, there is a tendency to skid excessively. This makes driving very challenging because of its extreme sensitivity. When fully engaged, it tends to skid a lot, which makes driving very difficult because it is very sensitive."

For any nighttime spin, the dazzlingly bright front and rear lights are ideal. offering three different settings: red ring, plain white, or, our favorite, red ring with white light.

With a top speed of about 26–27 mph, this agile little RC car has plenty of momentum for drifting. They are a lot of fun whether you use the model indoors in a smooth, carpeted area or outdoors in a parking lot.

Get a brushless or brushed version right now! You'll also not be let down by either.

When it comes to speed, the F-Style and L-Style are nearly identical, and everything that comes in the box is the same for both models. This model has a somewhat different setup for the LED illumination. This time, there are three modes instead of only the three that you previously had: white, blue, and white and blue.

On the back diffuser, there is a red LED as well, however it only works when the white and blue LEDs are both on. Extremely enjoyable for anyone looking to start drifting cars and try their hand at a reasonably priced, easily operated rally drift car.

The P-Style little remote control is exquisitely crafted. Featuring a large rear wing in addition to the incredibly dazzling front and rear LED lights. There are still three modes available for the front LEDs: white, red rings by themselves, and red rings and white lights combined.

This little car does have friction shocks, but don't let that stop you from enjoying how well it performs considering how lightweight it is. With the drift tires fitted, the P-Style, L-Style, and F-Style all have the exact same chassis, making them similar in terms of performance and a lot of fun to drive.

The rally tires that are pre-fixed to the cars make it a little easier to control, though. It provides the ideal amount of traction, particularly if you wish to run without the gyro.

In our opinion, this is one of the most attractive small remote control cars available right now. You are losing out if you don't already have one. Purchase one at RC Geeks right now.

RCG Racing Wind Speed and Storm Rider Buggies

Look no farther than these Wind Speed or Storm Rider buggies if you're looking for a quality RC experience on a budget! This compact, ready-to-run RC buggy, which is one of our best-selling items over the holidays, provides hobby-level performance at pricing comparable to those of a catalog store.

This small and nimble buggy comes in different types. Each type has a simple body with a roll cage and a roof rack. Additionally, it has a 4WD system that is driven by a shaft. It also has a 4WD system that is driven by a shaft."

It can easily cut through a gravel parking lot or mowed lawn if it has adequate ground clearance. We adore this little buggy's endurance—its lightweight shell and chassis allow it to go on and on! Then, even when you're out and about, you can use the USB charger to top off the battery by connecting it to any USB port or a powerbank.

You may get the Wind Speed and Storm Rider from our online store. They are ready to operate, however the controller needs three AA batteries to start up. To maintain these models operating, we now offer a comprehensive inventory of spares.

Blackzon Slyder

Blackzon's Slyder models are a good option if you'd rather something a little more macho compared to the Tracer. The same chassis and excellent performance are replaced by black bodies and colored decals.

This is where you may buy the Slyders. Remember, these batteries are compatible with the T-plugged LiPo batteries used by the Tracer. You can use the same power bundles to extend your runtime.

RCG Racing Smoking Punk Hot Rod Buggy

Searching for something more substantial? This substantial 1/12 scale vehicle is an eye-catching 38 cm long, and its distinctive smoke effect more than makes up for its lack of proportionate steering! Fill a reservoir in the back of the car with water, and when it runs, it emits an exhaust-like cloud of vapor out the back. 

Purchase one from our webstore in blue or white, as shown, and get an extra battery and charger.

Absima 1/14 High Speed Truck

Absima's High-speed truck is the final buggy to take into account. The device is a bit bigger than the Tracer/Slyder. It has a special 2S power system.

This system uses 18650 batteries. These batteries are often used in powerbanks, computers, and vape pens.

You can purchase high-capacity batteries for your car. These batteries last a long time. There are many options available in the market.

The High Speed Truck is available in our webstore and has a blue or red body. It comes pre-assembled with a transmitter, USB battery charger, and other accessories.

Rastar 1/14th scale cars

These radio controlled cars are fully licensed and include models from Audi, BMW, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, and more. Despite lacking driving characteristics, they make up for it with an almost die-cast level of detail. This includes features such as doors that can be opened and LED headlights.

Even though they are clearly toys, they come in windowed display boxes and are great Christmas stuffers for kids or car lovers. Check out our article for a summary of available models and a detailed analysis of their transformation models. View the cars that are offered in our online store.

The sweet spot : £101 to £200

It's understandable why we sell more automobiles in this price category than any other. Our most well-liked models are pre-assembled with model batteries and chargers, ready to play right out of the box. The transmitters only need AA batteries to operate. In this price range, the market is today so competitive that you can even find a buggy with brushless power!

FTX Banzai

UDI is the best for small drift, but FTX is the top choice for anyone starting drifting at 1/10th scale." The Banzai car has adjustable suspension and alignment settings at a very affordable price for a touring car." The S15-style body features a large wing and tinted windows, mounted on hefty 6-spoke black rims with TE37-inspired accents.

The FTX Banzai comes with radio equipment, automobile battery, charger, and other items. It is available in green or red. With special hard tires already installed, the transmitter only requires four AA batteries to start drifting!

FTX Carnage Truggy (brushed)

While AWD might be equally exciting on a loose surface, rear wheel drive is still cool. The FTX Carnage was our most well-liked 4WD truggy that we sold the previous year. The low-cost shaft-driven (open-diff) chassis contains many extras like off-road tires, metal turnbuckles, oil-filled dampers, and a slipper clutch.

The model includes a vehicle battery and charger, making it ready to use. However, the transmitter requires eight AA batteries. We recommend purchasing additional batteries for the buggy, such as this 5000Ah one, as its runtime is relatively short.

We compared how well the regular model and the upgraded version of this Truggy perform." TLDR? If your budget permits, investing more upfront will result in a 25% boost in performance. Take some time to consider this opportunity! 

The more potent brushless model and the red or blue brushed model are available in our webstore.

FTX Outlaw Ultra-4 Buggy (brushed)

The Outlaw, a 4WD off-road buggy with a trailing rear arm and lots of suspension travel, is another well-liked FTX model. This vehicle is perfect for those who enjoy driving fast on pebbled beaches or through forested areas with roots.

This is due to its suspension system and elevated height from the ground. The car's design allows for a smooth and stable ride over rough terrain. It is ideal for adventurous drivers seeking a thrilling off-road experience.

The buggy is built for speed, but the high level of suspension articulation is similar to our RC crawlers. Similar to the spare wheel/tyre attached at the back, the roll-cage is functional and can be removed to reveal a tough, nearly bare Baja buggy. Take advantage of our bundle offers when you purchase the Outlaw to extend your running time.

Maverick Phantom XT 1/10 Brushed Truck

Searching for an RC car that is "full size"? Maverick's Phantom XT, a ready-to-run 1/10th scale radio controlled truggy, is slightly under 42 cm in length. The Wind Speed is more stable at higher speeds due to its larger motor and longer wheelbase compared to other models. All of the features of hobby-grade RC, including waterproof ESC, oil-filled dampers, servo savers, and high-torque motors, are included.

The transmitter is ready to use with just four AA batteries. It also comes with a car battery and USB charger for added convenience. You may purchase one of these models on our website here.

This model was popular in the past. We expect it to continue being popular because of Maverick's reputation for quality.

HPI Micro RS4 Drift Fail Crew Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R

The Micro RS4 Drift Fail Crew Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R from HPI Racing is a viable option if you want a super compact drift chassis but are limited to drifting about your kitchen. Under the gargantuan title lies a 1/18th scale AWD belt-driven chassis, only 22cm long. 

Drifting is easy thanks to the vehicle's small mass and the included hard-plastic tires. Would you like to buy a mini RS4 drifter? We suggest using our pro combo offer on our website to purchase an additional NiMH battery.

Maverick Strada DC 1/10 RTR Electric Drift Car

The Maverick Strada DC is 'the same but different' from FTX's Banzai. Maverick has improved its unit with gold-colored shock caps and an upper chassis deck, but still using a shaft-driven AWD tub chassis. The body that is included resembles the Toyota Chaser in general, but it has opaque windows and a large wing that is fastened to the tailgate. 

Although it lacks the Banzai's flexibility, the package's overall quality barely beats it out. The brushless version of this car is something to think about if you are more than simply dabbling in this pastime.

This setup includes a powerful 3215KV motor and Maverick's SC-30BL-WP waterproof ESC. It delivers high performance and efficiency, typical of a brushless system. Additionally, it offers customizable driver options. The Maverick Strada DC is available for purchase on our website.

Maverick Quantum MT

One of our largest toys under £200 is this Maverick! The Quantum MT is more than 50 cm long and 36 cm wide. Its roofline is 20 cm above the ground. It is well-designed, with plenty of ground clearance for rolling over tree roots and scrambling over larger obstacles thanks to the long suspension and massive 2.8-inch wheels.

Even while it can't "do it all" like the X-Maxx, it's still a great deal at almost half the price. It's now easier than ever to top off your battery by charging it in your car or on the trail using USB powerbanks thanks to the bundled USB charger. Our webstore offers the Quantum MT in the blue color shown in the picture, as well as in hot pink, yellow, and black. 

FTX Kanyon 4×4 Trail Crawler

Fans of our low-cost crawler are numerous. FTX's crawler resembles the Land Rover Defender. However, it can handle rough terrain more effectively. This is due to its strong 60T brushed motor, telescopic driveshafts, metal gears, and advanced multi-link suspension.

It's challenging to dispute the value for the money. The model has a suspension system that can be adjusted and filled with oil. It comes with a wall charger, a waterproof servo that weighs 10.5 kg, and metal gears.

The model also has a detailed body with working LED lights. It also has a detailed body with LED lights that work."

The transmitter comes with a 1800mAh NiMH battery. However, you will need to provide 8 AA batteries for it to function correctly.

Top quality RC cars : £201 to £450

Usually, at this price range, you are getting a well-made, professionally designed model from a reputable RC manufacturer. Since many of these devices need batteries and chargers, please check the product page specifics.

HPI E10 Drift Fail Crew Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R

The proven E10 chassis used by HPI Racing serves as the foundation for this full-fat drift car. If you're not ready to build a chassis from scratch, this model is a good choice for starting drifting. It comes with a powerful Saturn 27T 540 motor.

RC tarmac racer vehicles often need their bodies replaced after months of driving causes wear and cracks to appear. HPI has decided to focus on the chassis appearance. This includes callipers and brake discs that are purely for looks. These parts do not serve any functional purpose.

Get a bonus battery and charger when you buy HPI's E10 from our online store. This will help you run longer.

This brushless monster, brand-new from Maverick, can reach speeds of up to 50 mph when powered by a 4S battery! This tarmac charger, designed to compete with the Arrma Infraction on a budget, is fast on flat ground. Powerful FLX10-4S120 Flux 120 A Waterproof ESC and FLX10-3675-2250KV Flux motor provide endless power, delivered by a durable heavy-duty transmission manufactured by HPI Racing.

The model is available in black and red, blue and red, and stealthy gray. We do not recommend handing these automobiles to children due to their greater speeds. The model requires a car battery (with Deans connector) and charger in addition to the transmitter batteries, just as other high-end models (for guidance on the latter, see our ultimate combo).

Traxxas Rustler 4x4 1/10 4WD RTR Green

Rustler 4X4 adds 4-wheel drive capability, more durability, and even more fun to the speed and agility of the best-selling Rustler! For added stability, the modular chassis is positioned low and wide beneath the reinforced clipless body.

LED lighting extends the excitement of driving after dark, while waterproof electronics keep the fun going in wet weather.

UDI RC Cardiac 1/10 4WD Short Course Truck RTR

A 2600KV sensorless brushless waterproof motor and a 3s compatible speed controller work together to provide an exciting and realistic driving experience with the UDI RC Cardiac.

The ultimate in RC : £450+

From this point on, you may anticipate the best RC models available, together with really capable or incredibly powerful cars and trucks from the top manufacturers. Remember that these models all need batteries and chargers.

Traxxas Rustler 4×4 VXL

With the right gearing and a 3S LiPo, this brushless VXL version of the Rustler can reach speeds of over 60 mph!

The 4x4 Rustler from Traxxas comes in green, red, and blue colors. To get the most out of the car, we suggest the Traxxas Ez-peak plus pack battery and charger, which are also required.

Traxxas Land Rover Defender

The TRX-4 from TraxxasThe Land Rover Defender was our vehicle of the year in 2017, and even now, it is uncommon to find a vehicle with such a sturdy yet detailed body on a fully functional and capable chassis that is ready to go straight out of the box. This is the kind of model you would be content to have on display on a shelf when you're not scrambling up muddy woodland roots or rocky coastline defenses. To give you an idea of the feature set, it has metal-gear servos, waterproof electronics, remotely lockable differentials, and enormous ground clearance because of portal axles.

Even though it is classified as a crawler, you can increase the speed when in open terrain thanks to its twin-speed remotely switchable transmission and cruise control feature on the transmitter! One of our most popular articles is our initial review, and the ones that followed—about the brushless conversion and light bar installation—have also gained a lot of readership. Visit our webstore to get the Defender in limited edition blue, red, or grey, and don't forget to add the battery and charger!

Notably, the Mercedes G Wagon 4x4 G500, which debuted later on the same TRX-4 chassis, has also shown popularity. But as of right moment, this has been stopped. In case you already own this model, check our review article to find out more and watch it in action.

HPI Vorza 1/8 6S Buggy Flux RTR

The Vorza is meant to be easy to use, tuneable, and most of all, entertaining. Every new Vorza buggy has an abundance of excellent underbody durability and tuning features that make them all a pleasure to drive and provide a clear route for upgrading to the "S" spec and above!

HPI Savage X Flux V2

Anyone who has followed the hobby will know that HPI's Savage has some serious lineage, and this most recent model definitely lives up to the moniker. This model is so strong that it is capable of backflips while standing! The features list seems to go on forever: robust webbed suspension arms, twin-clamp motor mounts, twin battery boxes, 17mm hex hubs, and a dual-vertical plate chassis.

Get a Savage from our online store, but keep in mind that it will work best with a few 3S cells.

Traxxas WideMaxx Monster Truck

The revised 1/10 Traxxas Maxx is now wider and has Sledgehammer tires in addition to the WideMAXX suspension package. The new broader Maxx skillfully combines the cutting-edge design features of the X-Maxx into a lighter, more compact, and more vicious beast that is prepared to push strength and speed to new heights of intense intensity. Now let the good times start!

Traxxas X-Maxx

It's easy to understand why this terrifying 8S powered monster has been clinging to the title of "King of RC Trucks" for a few years now. It is 78 cm long and 54 cm wide, and weighs 8.6 kg without batteries! Even so, it can wheelie its way to 50 mph when equipped with the optional pinion and two 4S batteries. With a square set of massive 14.5-cm-diameter tires and an all-metal shaft-driven 4WD transmission, this vehicle is prepared to tackle any task you throw at it.

Earlier this year, we developed a mild obsession with hydroplaning the truck, taking the already extravagant X-Maxx to the point where it could drive on water with consistency. We advise reading our review first if you intend to invest so you know what you are getting into.The X-Maxx from Traxxas comes with a bright orange, green, or red body. To make it work, you'll also need two 4S batteries and a charger. Right now, this twin 6700mAh pack is the most affordable way to buy them.

But I want to build it myself!

We do sell chassis kits, just in case any "serious" RC gift recipients are interested. These days, these constructions are rather specialized and need a plethora of auxiliary parts, so only experienced enthusiasts should attempt them. In addition to providing the electronics required to get them operating, we have a small assortment of the best kits that we believe to be available.

Traxxas Stampede Builders Kit (with electronics)

The Stampede is the best kit to start with if this is your first one.Because the model was made to fit the included electronics, there are no incompatibilities or fitment problems. You can just follow the instructions to enjoy a trouble-free build. Building it yourself gives you a close understanding of the model, which is necessary to maintain it and fix any potential collision damage.

You will still need to find paint for the body, tire glue, and screwdrivers to put everything together even though the kit is 95% finished. The Stampede is available in our webstore here.

Traxxas TRX-4 1/10 Crawler Chassis Kit

A chassis kit for everyone's fave crawler is also available!The relatively short assembly manual will witness to the fact that this project is "not for the faint hearted." The TRX-4 is superior to almost every other kit we have in store just because of its remotely locking differentials and two speed gearbox, which require three servos to run!

Many of the custom electronics required to start it up are included in the kit, but you will also need a suitable body, battery, and charger. It can be obtained here.

Just how big ARE these?

It can be hard to imagine how big RC toys are if you aren't familiar with them. The majority of our models are designated as "scale" models, denoted by a fraction like 1/8, 1/10, 1/18, or 1/32, but what does this actually mean? To put it simply, it's the proportion of size to the full-size car in "real life."

For instance, the HPI Racing Ford Mustang, which is 431 mm long, 127 mm tall, and 200 mm broad, is categorized as a 1/10th scale model despite being on the long side. This is about 10% of the real production car's dimensions, which are 194784 mm in length, 1381 mm in height, and 1916 mm in width, according to Wikipedia.

Our example illustrates that there is some variety in practice. This is the result of manufacturers using artistic license to modify the design to accommodate pre-existing components like wheels and tires or chassis limits in order to create a design that just "looks right." Whenever feasible, we mention the model's measurements in our listing to help prevent confusion.

Lost on what charger and battery to buy? Look no further

It's crucial to remember that every model on this website is battery-powered electric. While some models come with a battery (some even include one for the transmitter), many do not. Moreover, a charger for the model battery is missing from some expensive models.To save yourself from disappointment on Christmas morning, please pay attention to the "in the box" portion on our product listings!

Most cars with batteries will come with a "storage" amount of charge; this means that the battery needs to be fully charged before being used for the first time. To solve this, think about charging the model a few days prior to packing and delivering the gift.

You will find all the necessary accessories in our webstore's batteries and chargers area to get your remote control car operating. Please send us a note if you need help choosing the parts that are right for your model.

It should be noted that a lot of model batteries may be removed for charging (usually without the need for tools) or swapped out for batteries that have a higher capacity or burst rate for better performance. Power systems can seem like a maze of proprietary standards and technical language, so we've created this post to help newcomers grasp the fundamentals and walk you through the trickier aspects of charging.

Finally, we are asked how fast a certain car will go a lot here at RC Geeks. We hope that this little essay will help you better understand the factors that affect an RC car's maximum speed and provide you with an estimate of how fast your own RC car can travel.

Spares and hop-ups

It's comforting to know that we have your back in case of an accident. If the worst happens and you break your model, we have the components you need to get back on the road. All you have to do is use our easy-to-use spares finder to locate them.

Utilize our assortment of remote control tools and accessories to upgrade your vehicle. We are here to assist you in finding the appropriate battery and charger for your model and sell thousands of batteries annually. If you would want to extend the range of your model, we offer upgraded transmitters and receivers. A lot of these models are ready for customization, and we have a large selection of parts including tires and wheels, bodyshells, motors and ESCs, and more to give your car a boost. For goods that are appropriate, look through a model's "hop ups" section. You can also get in touch with our engineers to make sure something is compatible. 

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