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Physics Experiment Model

1/12 zinc alloy diesel engine carburetor hg 6ass-p01 for hg-p602 rc car truck vehicles model 1/12 zinc alloy diesel engine carburetor hg 6ass-p01 for hg-p602 rc car truck vehicles model
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Model: 10240
Zinc alloy is used to make the HG engine assembly. With a distinctive design and excellent craftsmanshipSetting parameters Diesel engine type. Model in General: HG-P602. Weight: about 400 gramsFor Individuals Over the Age of 14Specifications:.Color: As Shown.Material: Zinc Alloy.Product Weight: 400g..
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Model: 10137
Level 10 High Voltage Marx Generator DIY Lightning Educational ModelFeatures:.The product's input voltage is 24V. The maximum output voltage is 100 000. The arc measures 9 cm.High quality: Capacitor with a withstand voltage of 30 kV and a 2000 pF capacitance, capacitance with high voltage, colo..
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Model: 10235
Electrolysis of Water Generator Heating Process Principle Science Physical Experiment Teaching Model High-Efficiency Lager SizeThe benefits of the dry-type oxyhydrogen generator are high efficiency, high gas output, simple maintenance, and exquisite heat dissipation. There is little pollution during..
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Model: 10003
Electrolysis of Water Generator Machine Hydrogen and Oxygen SeparationFeatures:This water generator electrolysis for hydrogen and oxygen separation is a very economical gas manufacturing tool. It is much safer and more practical to collect oxygen and hydrogen separately.A transparent thickening acry..
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Model: 10188
Motor Principle Description Instrument DIY Toy Physical Experiment Teaching Equipment for StudentFeatures:Educational Significance: By using visually appealing products to teach children about the operation of a motor, parents can enhance their cognitive abilities, foster scientific curiosity, and h..
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Model: 10060
Multi Stage Steam Turbine Physics Equipment Demonstration Educational ToysFeatures:Model of a multistage steam turbine for use as demonstration apparatus in classroomsThis steam turbine is a multi-stage device with two static and three mobile impellers inside the cylinder.The operation of the steam ..
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Model: 10169
Nitinol Shape Memory Alloy Heat Engine Physical Experiments Toys Features:Engine Principle: After heat treatment, the shape memory alloy boasts memory, which modifies the shape by changing the temperature at the phase transition point. Straightening the nickel-titanium wire. High temperatures will ..
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