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FG-VT9 V2 Engine & Parts

A two-cylinder internal combustion engine installed longitudinally or laterally is known as a V-twin or V2 engine. The engines are positioned in a V-shape with angles that are greater than 0 degrees but less than 180 degrees. An L-twin engine is a twin-engine with an angle of 90 degrees formed by the cylinders at times.

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Advantages of V2 engine :

1. Good balance: The car's engine is balanced by two cylinders, which lowers weight and increases efficiency.

2. Excellent Air Cooling: The V-twin engine has an excellent cooling effect since the hot air from the four cylinders is immediately discharged into the other cylinder. Both liquid-cooled and air-cooled engines function flawlessly.

3. Lightweight: The V-type engine is lightweight and compact compared to other engines.

4. Power/size ratio: Because of the V-twin's excellent power/size ratio, 8.4% of large displacement motorcycles, cruisers, and touring bikes are equipped with one. The vehicle is more effortlessly balanced when the two cylinders are angled at a 90- or 180-degree angle.

The small V-type engine has many uses. It is commonly found in motorcycles, small tractors, generators, and other small vehicles. This is due to its compact size.

6. Legroom: Compared to other bikes in its class, the low-mounted V-twin offers better handling and more legroom.

7. Various versions: V-twin engines come in various versions, including transverse, OHV, OHC, air-cooled, and liquid-cooled.

8. Enhanced speed: V-twin engines have two sizable pistons rotating in opposing directions simultaneously. Because of this, they can spin at their maximum speed, generating higher peak torque and horsepower than inline engines with four pistons of a similar size.

9. Torque: The V-twin engine offers more torque at the same or lower rpm, making it competitive. The power output of the V-engine is comparatively linear. High torque makes it simple to acquire engine power

10. Special: The V-twin engine stacks the cylinders front to back or maintains the transverse cranks, which helps keep the motors side by side. The engine is distinct and simple to maintain.

Disadvantages of V2 Engine:

1. Minimal vibration: In a V-twin, one cylinder is angled vertically and the other horizontally to maintain the bike's balance and lessen unneeded vibration, a major issue with all V-twins.

2. Unbalanced Cylinders: The engine will become unbalanced and cause some vibration in the vehicle if the cylinder angles are less than 90 degrees and not correctly aligned.

3. Low horsepower: The vehicle's V-twin engine produces a lot of torque but little horsepower overall. A V-twin engine's intake speed usually results in higher peak horsepower.

4. Poor fuel economy: Because there are two engine cylinders, more gasoline is used; budget extra for petrol.

5. Low horsepower: Compared to other V-engines, V-twins produce less power.

6. Rough: Although some street bikes have excellent engines, many V-twins deliver rough power.

7. The V-twin engine's noisy valve train is caused by a significant friction loss in the system, which lowers piston speed. Piston issues might also impact the ring reliability of a motorcycle.

8. Distinctive Sound: The motorcycle makes unusual noises when the two V-twin cylinders' ignitions are switched.

9. irregular firing: The second cylinder's crankshaft fires at 270 degrees, resulting in irregular intervals caused by the 90-degree arrangement. Limited airflow to the back cylinders: The V2 engine's design causes an uneven distribution of airflow, which causes cooling issues in the back cylinders.

Model: 10288
Car Engine Model All-metal Mini Manual Assembly V2 Double-cylinder Toy Collection DecorationMain Features:• Non-toxic, long-lasting, anodizing-colored stainless steel, aluminum alloy that is environmentally friendly•DIY projects foster children's imagination and inventiveness.• Foster a love of lear..
$399.99 $399.99
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Model: 10029
CDI Igniter Suitable for CISON FG-VT9 V2 Engine ModelIt is compatible with models powered by the 15.7cc Miniature V-Twin Motorcycle Engine OHV Shovelhead V-Twin from CISON and the FG-VT157. Specifications:.Material: Electronic Components.Product Weight: 120g.Package Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 5cm.Pack..
$36.99 $36.99
Ex Tax:$36.99
Model: 10281
CISON FG-VT9 9cc V-twin V2 Engine Four-stroke Air-cooled Motorcycle RC Gasoline EngineThe newest batch of the CISON V2 engine has been upgraded from 9cc to 15.7cc, the same displacement as the Cison Shovelhead V-twin engine model. So, the manual for this engine indicates FG-15VTS.After they sold out..
$599.99 $599.99
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Model: 10073
CISON FG-VT9 9cc V-Type Two-Cylinder Four-Stroke Air-cooling Gasoline Engine Motorcycle Engine Internal Combustion Engine Model for RC Model Cars BlackFeatures:Stunning Simulation: The exquisite silver appearance and meticulously modeled classic style perfectly capture the appearance of a genuine mo..
$879.99 $879.99
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Model: 10122
CISON FG-VT9 9cc V2 V Twin Model Engine with Air Filter Base Tank SetFeatures:.Impressive Simulation: The realistically reproduced classic beauty and exquisite silver appearance mimic a real motorbike engine. The most crucial aspect of motorbikes is an upgrade based on the original design to increas..
$879.99 $879.99
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Model: 10226
CISON FG-VT9 V2 9cc Four-Stroke Gasoline Engine Model with Metal Base Fuel Tank Full SetFeatures:Impressive Simulation: The realistic simulation accurately reproduces a motorbike engine's traditional style and attractive silver appearance. The most crucial aspect of motorbikes is an upgrade bas..
$839.99 $839.99
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Model: 10148
It's put together. The crankshaft front, rear, pin, connecting rod bearing, connecting rod left, connecting rod right, gear, and crankshaft rear bearing are all included in a complete crankshaft...
$116.99 $116.99
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Model: 10134
Small Connecting Rod for CISON FG-9VT V2 Engine ModelSpecifications:.Material: Metal.Product Weight: 30g.Package Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 4cm.Package Weight: 40g.Packing: Bag  ..
$16.99 $16.99
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Model: 10228
Crankshaft for CISON FG-9VT V2 Engine ModelSpecifications:.Material: Metal.Product Weight: 80g.Package Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 5cm.Package Weight: 100g.Packing: Bag..
$36.99 $36.99
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Model: 10086
Exhaust Pipe and O-Sealing Ring Suitable for CISON FG-VT9 V2 Engine ModelSpecifications:. Material: Metal. Product Weight: 60g. Package Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 6cm. Package Weight: 80g. Packing: Bag  ..
$16.99 $16.99
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Model: 10059
Gasoline V-Twin Small OHV 4.3CC Double-cylinder Four-stroke Engine R28Features:.The miniature petrol engine model, based on the V-twin double-cylinder motorcycle engine from the 1970s, beautifully captures the essence of many eras..The retro vehicle restores various authentic engine elements, includ..
$699.99 $699.99
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Model: 10238
Metal Air Filter for CISON FG-9VT V2 Engine ModelFeatures:.The metal combination air filter is carefully CNC-made and is engraved with a motorcycle V-twin, making it particularly ideal for CISON V-Twin engines.One of the essential components of a simulated engine, the air filter gives your V2 engine..
$39.99 $39.99
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