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ENJOMOR V8 Engine & Parts

ENJOMOR V8 Engine, A Powerful Gasoline Engine Model

Is the newly introduced ENJOMOR V8 engine the most potent?

A water-cooled engine with eight cylinders and four strokes has a peak output of 3.8 KW. It is a unique design that can be used to power small vehicles, boats, and aircraft in different situations.

Nine characteristics of ENJOMOR V8 engine

1. Three piston rings, one of which is an oil ring made using thirty-two methods, guarantee the cylinder's pressure.

2. A single-piece cast crankshaft with a 1:14 compression ratio, a high-hardness piston cylinder liner, and full-bearing crankshaft support.

3. The machine operates intuitively thanks to its exposed timing belt design.

4. Oil is drawn to the top of the machine by an oil sump oil pump, providing independent lubrication.

5. Lubricating the reciprocating cam chamber.

6. The side water cooling pump distributes heat efficiently.

7. 3548 brushless motor starts with one key.

8. Complete the CNC aluminum cylinder block.

9. The actual engine gains effects from integrated exhaust manifolds.

The final seven of the initial batch are for sale; the release is limited to 2022. In the middle of November, the engine will be shipped. Next year, we will have to wait for the next batch. 

Model: 10058
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Model: 10124
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