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Solar Magnetic Levitation motor

Mendocino Motor Solar Magnetic Levitation Motor Engine Model

What is a Mendocino Motor?

The Mendocino Motor runs on solar electricity and magnetically levitates. Larry Spring of Mendocino County, California, created it initially and is credited with its creation. The motor consists of a spinning shaft that is stabilized by pressing a point against a wall and supported by repelling magnets. Solar panels fixed atop the rotating shaft power it, producing currents that flow via insulated wire coils.

How does a Mendocino Motor work?

The Mendocino motor foundation comprises five magnets, like many other electric motors. Levitation force is produced against the shaft magnets by four levitation magnets located at the base. The fifth magnet, a field magnet, supplies the rotor's magnetic field. A piece of glass serves as the bearing plate on the back plate.

The rotor comprises a rotor block, magnets, and a shaft with a tip at one end. The rotor block contains four solar cells in total, with one on each of the four sides and two sets of windings.

How it works? The repelling force between the levitation magnets on the base and the shaft magnets causes the rotor to become levitated. The levitation magnet further generates a forward thrust to maintain the shaft point against the bearing plate.

When light strikes one of the solar cells, it energizes one rotor winding and produces an electric current. The Mendocino Motor moves by converting light into electricity and magnetism, allowing it to hover in a magnetic field. It offers the satisfaction of building a remarkable technological marvel and learning about electric motors, magnetism, electromagnetism, solar power generation, and personal manufacturing.

The rotor turns due to the electromagnetic field created by this interacting with the field magnets in the base. The subsequent solar cell aligns and energizes the second winding as the rotor revolves. The procedure is repeated once again.

Why build it?

You are correct in saying these motors could be more effective at doing much work. It won't be able to power an automobile.

However, it would make an intriguing science project look great on your desk. It's an excellent illustration of the fundamental ideas behind most electric motors, which is why we appreciate it. You'll be able to grasp several types of electric motors if you figure out how this one operates. People typically build Mendocino motors from commonly available materials, find them simple to understand, and consider them straightforward.

Model: 10064
Description: - This product creates a magnetic field using a coil wound on the shaft powered by solar energy. A powerful magnet mounted to the base (housing) creates a repulsive force that drives the spinning. It is distinguished by fast speed, quietness, and longevity and has nearly no friction be..
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Wedge-shaped Vertical Solar Magnetic Levitation Motor Model Features:Simple Operation: Place the rotor on a flat surface and gently push it while it is illuminated by a light source for smooth operation. The underlying idea is intriguing and instructive. The motor has a distinctive and high-quality ..
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